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Blunt help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NOTaPIE, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. So today was my first time trying to roll a blunt, because my friend brought me a dutchie whenever he came over. I cut it in half with a razor, because I didn't have nearly enough ganj to fill the whole thing, let alone pack it. But when I split the half that was originally open on the one end, the outer shell completely fell off. I just licked both the shells and put them back together, and continued to try to roll my blunt. But, does the outer shell always fall off like that? And also, what can I do to avoid it falling off like that?
  2. couldn't help yea. I'm a noob too.
  3. The way I learned, you lick the whole blunt until you can peel the outer leaf off in one piece (start at the mouth side). Then break the inner part along the seal. Its pretty simple.
  4. if you mean the "outer leaf" (which is wrapped around the inner shell) i think i know the problem. With dutches, games, ect. that have an outer leaf on them you need to remove the outer leaf before cutting and gutting the bastard. After you do that you just roll the weed in the inner shell and seal it then moisten the outer leaf and roll it around the inner shell that contains the weed. Heres a really good video to show you how to do it:

    imo blunts that have outer leaves are the best because you get two chances to roll it tight and the outer leaf makes it burn real slow which is good:D

    i think you should try a game (garcia y vega) imo they are easier to roll with because i have found that the inner shell is more moist and easier to work with and i havent had many problems with getting the outer leaf off in one piece either. hope this helps. smoke on:smoking:
  5. Thank's, that's a great video

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