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blunt help please?!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, May 23, 2003.

  1. who do u roll a blunt i mean ive seen it and all its just every time i try it i rip it could someone please show me a picture of how they do it
  2. hmmm.... Well ill tell u what. Im good at rolling blunts so I think tomorrow im gunna have my friends help me in makeing a blunt rolling guide. Ill have steps and pictures to show you. I think I will do two guide's one for blunt's and the other for dutchy's. Sorry i cant do it now though. I get home from school at like 2:10 so around then i hopfully do it. :-D
  3. Ok...

    01. Take Cigar, Lick Vertically
    02. Cut With Razor (Or Finger Nails) Down Wet Strip
    03. Dump Out Tobacco
    04. Wet The Edges Of The Blunt, So They Dont Come Aparat, and So You Can Bend The Blunt Without It Cracking
    05. Add Shake-Like Weed To Blunt
    06. Pinch Ends Of Blunt With Thumbs & Middle Finder, Or Thumbs & Pointer, Depending On Preference
    07. Fold Blunt Over, And Tuck Down Tightly
    08. Continue Physically Rollign The Blunt
    [*]Start With Fingers In Middle, and Work Outwards As You Twist
    9. Lick Endge Of Blunt, To Seal

    Take Two Joint Papers And Roll Around Blunt.
    Place Blunt In Microwave 15 Seconds <_---STRONGLY RECOMENDED

  4. Some people nuke their pot in an attempt to dry it after it's been thouroghly licked. I just run a flame up and down it until it looks nice and dry.

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