Blumat Watering Stakes?

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  1. Anyone using Blumat Watering Stakes..?

    I know they water when THEY think the plant needs water, but I thought of hooking up a gravity fed bucket system for watering/feeding my indoor soil grow. Would put an on/off valve inline, so I could decide when to water and not the watering stakes.. Getting lazy in my old age and those Halo Rings just do not excite me for some reason . Would be good for an auto watering system too if hooked to a pump and timer I think..


  2. blumats are awesome, cant recommend them enough. the way they work is to maintain a regular hydration in the soil. so you basically decide how hydrated you want your soil to be and they will maintain it.
    i have had a few different automated watering systems and blumats are the easiest and most reliable IMO.
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  3. Thanx Scooby!!
    Your recommendation is good enough for me!!
    Going to Amazon now!!
  4. i wouldnt go with the kit
    whats your setup? pot size? numbers?
  5. Tent is 3x3x6 (flowering) using 5gal fabric pots, FFOF soil, 3-4 plants per grow. (crowded I know but I like to grow multiple strains..Lighting= Unit Farm UFO80 on the Left, Nextlight Mini on the right..The tall MFs are supposed to be Grandaddy Purple (Bonza)..everything about them is huge..LOL
    Yesterday 4.5 wks in:
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  6. i would get:
    1 Blumat tropff maxi per pot (these go deeper into the soil then the regular model)
    2 distribution drippers per pot (they come in 10 but 50 pack is a better deal, made by blumat)
    1 blumat tank connector
    1 blumat shutoff valve
    blumat superflex tubing (runs from your res to the pots.) this is much better then the 8mm tubing that comes with the kit.
    one T connector to run the 8mm line in a loop, this way if something gets clogs water can still flow from the other direction.

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  7. Thank you..Already have a few Homer 5 gal buckets..
    Appreciate all the help!
  8. @Sc00byD00bie Sc00b, can you help me choice some blumats? I´m running recycled soil, plain water and top dresses now and then. Its a tent grow, where I use 3-5 gallon fabric pots for most vegging, and 5 to 15 ones for flowering (planning to try a 20 gallon sativa monster).
  9. id use the tropff maxi on the 15-20's and regular tropff on the smaller ones. also get some distribution drippers, 1 for up to 5gallon and 2 or three per larger pot.
  10. Must say I like the blumats
    7 gallon fab pots
    2 tropf per pot
    Seems to be working well but wondering if I need to hand water every now and then to make sure everything gets moist?

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  11. no need really IMO
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  12. Cool just wasn't sure if the tropfs would be getting everywhere. They recommend two of the regular ones for 7 gal so I figured I should be ok. Just needed another opinion.
  13. You can always add blumat distribution drippers if you wanted more drip points.
  14. Interesting. Been considering blumats but im hempy bucket bottom fed. So.... i just need to fill each bucket with a switch.


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  15. good looking plants right there
  16. Im about to blumat for flower pm me

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