blues on the beach!

Discussion in 'General' started by daiseyduked, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. here's a little story....

    well my parents own this resort at the lake, it's so nice and i love goin there, it's like a little community. well every year they bring in a blues band and set up a stage on the beach (private) and we all party on the beach!

    it's this weekend and i wait all year just to go to this! it's such a blast! hahaha last year i got sooooo drunk!

    im just sooooo damn excited!!!!
  2. sounds like a blast....... we do that on my beach... getting real drunk and what not...except with out the band .... more like a radio but hey its still fun...:)

    get hammered, have fun..... and listen to some good tunes...
  3. that sounds awesome..I wanna hear some daiseydrunk stories!! :)
  4. i know it's so much fun eh! i just love it. and after a whole bunch of us sit around the fire pit and smoke and drink all nite long! i can't wait. some friends are meeting me there that i haven't partied with in a long long time. :D oh yeah i'm gettin hammered!!! no pics tho lol!
  5. Sounds like fun, Daisey. LOL! ;)

    Remember to drink at least one beer for each of us and you must smoke 2 bowls every 90 minutes just for me....on top of all the other toking. :D You're gonna be a fucked up daisey girl, that's for sure!!!

    Enjoy your deserve it!!!! :)

  6. hahahaha fer sure! i'll do my best ;)
  7. oh i will bongy babay!!!!;)
  8. Enjoy it Daisy.. Sounds like alot of fun to me!!!

  9. oooo it is! wish u all could come ;)

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