Bluejays dont like weed.

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    I cant sleep at all last night, so I stay up and wait for the sunset.
    When the sun starts to come up I go outside and smoke a bowl.
    I'm sitting out on my deck toking and I hear and see a loud assed bird scream and dive towards me.
    I fucking duck down and have a massive oh Shit! moment.
    I look up and see that its a Bluejay, and as my high eyes wander up the tree I see.. a nest!

    I'm curious as hell, so I want to see if there are eggs or baby birds in it.
    I zip tie my camera to a 15 plus ft pole, set the timer..



    I'll soon have some birds to smoke with now.. :smoking:

    I never noticed how amazing a bird nest is.. lol

    Sorry for the random high story.
  2. Dude this is an amazing post! Kudos for the pics! I look forward to seeing the burds! :hello:

    I'm suddenly hungry for chicken nuggets!
  3. why didnt you just climb the tree. climbing high is the best.
  4. On a branch thats not even as thick as my leg?

    Around fifteen feet off the ground?

    I don't think so. :smoking:
  5. it would hold you if the tree is still alive. which judging by the leaves on it, it is.
  6. That's pretty cool dude, a friend of mine has a dove's nest right outside his porch.
  7. Are you saying hes lying?
    Why would someone make that shit up?

  8. That's the OP, talking about the story he just posted...
  9. LOL
    Anyways, I thought you were going to find pot in the nest or something....

  10. LOL, my bad. :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

  11. because falling high is the worst :)
  12. You get it. :hello:

    And I don't want to be attacked by the momma bird while climbing.

    I cant wait till these little fuckers hatch, I'll be sure to take pics of them growing up.
  13. Lol, you silly bastard
  14. I think I heard some other tweets this evening up in the tree.

    Pics tomorrow to see if the eggs hatched. :hello:
  15. blue jays are real protective. Be careful.
  16. Great find man, those eggs looks amazing.
  17. Those eggs look tasty.
  18. Another insomniac night, so took some pics this morning when the sun came up.

    No luck, still got eggs, not babies.

    Should hatch soon, incubation last 17 to 18 days.

    Then the baby birds leave the nest around 17 to 21 days after hatching.



    I really want to find out what the skeletal, weaved object is that was built into the nest. :confused:
  19. Dude, you have the opportunity to have 4 bluejays as pets. Take advantage.
  20. I'm pretty sure keeping a native songbird as a pet is illegal, so I'm not going to take them out of the nest. :cool:

    MAYBE one of the chicks will fall out early, or gets blown out and injured.

    Thats the only way I'd bother keeping a bird.

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