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Bluedot vs. ph(x).... Are you Serious?!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MikeNY2Alaska, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Alright, first off, this is my first post. I used to be a member on the Overgrow forum, but apparently their site is permanently down.

    I'm an everyday toker, and I love quality glass. I love nothing more though, than quality bong rips. Sooooo, i only have two bongs in my collection, but I own a Ph(x) Tetra (33'' tall, 3 percs, diffused downstem, 18.8 mm, beaker base.) And then I also have a 24'' Bluedot, with 1 perc, and a beaker base, however I have a Roor diffused downstem on the Bluedot also (big difference!).

    Now, I know all the debates.... How Roor USA still makes the best percs...(I just can't seem to find any!)....But ph(x)'s percs are sick. I have to admit though, with 3 percs, there is a noticable drag. There is also a problem with the water levels in the perc staying constant. But when you milk that thing... .oooooh, that thing snaps clear so quickly! You just gotta pull a little bit harder because of the percs, that's all.

    As for the Bluedot, it's also 9mm thick glass, so it's very heavy, but very durable. The biggest difference between this and the ph(x) is the beaker base size. The base on this is about twice as big as the ph(x)'s! The Roor diffusor I think is superior to the ph(x)'s diffusor too. For such a big bong, it milks incredibly fast, and although the bore is smaller than and it stands about 6 inches shorter than the ph(x), I still think it holds a bigger hit.

    Verdict? The Ph(x) hits so smooooth! You'll take an enormous hit, and rarely cough, it's just that smooth. Not too much drag, but way more than the Bluedot with Roor diffusor. The Bluedot is very reliable, and as an everyday smoke, I'd have to use it over the ph(x).:smoking: I'll post pics soon!
  2. Thanks for the comparsion, I'm looking at getting one of these. +rep.

    Welcome, and looking forward to those pictures!
  3. thanks for the info, ill use this when i get my new piece man +rep
  4. never hit a phx or a bluedot perc but i got an illadelph perc and a roor perc,

    my roor is 5mm glass

    the illa is at least 5mm prolly 7.

    the roor is the daily driver no doubt, but the illa is a straight lung killa, haha

  5. Hmmmm.... General Blaze, where were you able to get a Roor USA perc? I need to find someone who i can order one from online, cause I don't want to drive hours to find one. I can't figure out how to post a pic in the forum, soooo, just click on my gallery if you wanna see my 2 babies.
    Thanks for the props.
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  6. i got mine out in baltimore

    i herd you can get em in NY and the far northeast also.
  7. btw nice fuckin tubes, you like beakers eh?

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