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  1. All this is blueberry.. you can probly see the buckets in the one pic.. those are the moma's that I was using all winter.. now I got some MK-ultra and Skunk #1 moma's so I flowered them with all they're baby's.. :) [​IMG]
  2. LOL!

    Well this should be a good grow :D

    *pulls up a long-term deck chair*
  3. Damn, great looking grow room.

    Wish i had that kinda light for my BB plant
  4. Lookin good! I like your grow room
  5. :eek:

    I don't normally comment on grow journals, but wow, this is fantastic. Maybe someday in the distant future my growroom will be as nice as yours.
  6. nice looking setup,,, could we get about 6 detailed pics. of your exaust,, the inlet supply,, your odor control [ if any],, e.t.c. ,,, im not a hydro. man myself,,, but thats a impressive setup.... good luck would be a understatement,,, looks to me like you got good luck on your side,,,,,nice setup,,,, real nice!!!!!:cool:
  7. Very nice set up +rep
  8. Im going to go out on a limb here and guess that this isnt your first grow haha. It looks super clean and nice man, i cant wait to follow this grow.
  9. WEll,, I'll get some more pics.. here is my veg room.. THis is my mk-ultra moma.. actually there is 7 of them there.. 6 are just small cause they're clones I just took, there are 3 skunk #1, obviously two are small also.. those other ones are just MK-ultra clones and skunk #1 clones.. my moma's were too big so I trimmed'em.. didn't know what to do so I just turned the cloner on and threw them in there.. guess I need another table..

  10. I'd like to compliment you on your choice of equipment. SunlightSupply is the stuff to use my man!

  11. love your setup most profesional i seen on here so far +rep
  12. loooks so pro and well thought out. I really like what you are doing here.
  13. wow!! *pulls up a chair* i am following this till harvest!

    Thats an amazing setup, probably one of the best i have ever seen!

    We need someone on here to do a full house lol, like 10 different rooms and a that will be one hell of a journal!

    Until then, good luck bro, i will be watching carefully!

  14. Good setup, but extremely basic.. nothing amazing here. Clean though.
  15. ya..It's basic.. but it Basically grows good herbs..
    Things are gonna get slightly complicated this month with the controllers that I am gonna throw in there.. but kinda even simpler for myself, as they ought to do all the work... also.. another 3light/tables are on their way.. :) So soon, I'll cut one room per month!
  16. no my man your setup is not basic,,, you got a good setup,,,, dont let those that may be envios bust your balls ,,,,,,, i aint no hydro guy as earlisr stated by me,,, but dont let noone call your setup BASIC,,, thats insulting,,,your setup is sweet,,,, now about them pics. i mentioned earlier hello,,,,;)
  17. ohhhhh my what a great setup ....... How much you planning on turning a month ..... just a guess but pounds are obviouse here with this set up.... you got Co2 in there? with that many plants i'm sure it would benifit you greatly
  18. The first thought that came to mind was FUCK ME! Nice set up man very professional, cant wait to see the end results:hello:
  19. how many rooms in that house are your running? and you got any more pictures of how you keep those rooms stealthed??

  20. When I get my own place this year, I am SO modeling it after this room :cool:

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