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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Growmyown, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. blueberry i what I was told. my buddy is usually pretty good with his names... this one is kinda "iffy".

    2500$ CAD for 16 oz ;)



  2. Nice buds. Outdoor or indoor? Excellent for the price, enjoy.
  3. i wouldn't say it isn't. i've seen some similar to that.

    looks tasty
  4. There's a good way to tell..... does it taste like blueberries.
  5. not really.

    how do you tell if weed is outdoor or indoor grown... I assume its done by looking at it, but he seen the pictures and still asked, so how do you tell?
  6. Just looking at it, I would bet it's indoor.
  7. normally blueberry will have some blue hues this time of the year with the cooler nights
    unless its been curing for a long time
    either way its dank...........if it smells like blueberry maybe
  8. I will gladly take your pick up off your hands for free if you are really that iffy about it, looks dank as fuck to me.
  9. What's in a name when it looks that good! I wanna smoke some!
  10. If I could get herb for that cheap I'd buy a pound at the beginning of every year or some shit haha.
  11. looks yummy ya if it taste like blueberry it is prolly haha but ya who cares when it looks that good but blueberry is my favorite so far
  12. Blueberry usually has some blue/purple hues and can best be described as a euphoric couchlock
    Common misconception, the current version of Blueberry does not taste like Blueberries, just very fruity-sweet. Some phenos have a more acrid Afghani smell and taste to them, though.
  13. True blues sure as hell do.
    I have some right now, and it smells as exactly like blues mang.:smoke:
  14. 16 oz? God damn, get some pics of all that together
  15. Trust me, I've grown my fair share of DJ Shorts current Blueberry. I've bought some too, and not once have I taken a hit and said to myself "Blueberries?". Like I said, very Fruity/sweet but not quite Blueberries.
  16. pic of all the 16 os?
  17. Trust me man, certain phenos do taste just like blueberries.
    You must have had a pheno that wasn't as blueberry-ish as others.
  18. damnnn 2500 for a pound. nice. wish it was that cheap in the states.

    why do you wanna see a pic of all his stash? if he wants to show it he will. keep piffin. 1
  19. shes all gone now if you know what I mean. just weighed it. I got 45g of small bottom of the bag buds, and 14 oz of bottom of the bag powder and leaves.

    getting another 16 within the next day or two. sure ill post pics for you guys.

    yeah, this weed doesnt taste like blueberries, but it does have a fruity taste. I had weed earlier in 2009, called "triple berry" and that had a VERY strong fruity smell/taste. I had several people tell me they think blueberry was in it. who knows.

    is this pure, original blueberry? probably not.
    does it have a little blueberry in it? probably.

    either way, its pretty nice weed. and the "iffy" part, as I said earlier, is about the name. usually I believe the name, and its usually right. but this time, someone along the line was kinda slackin/lying...
  20. #20 Blaze all day, Jan 15, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 15, 2010

    You're telling me that the 30 or so DJ Short Blueberry plants I grew weren't very 'Blueberry-ish'? C'mon.

    I know there are certain pheno's that taste like Blueberries but you aren't going to find them in current DJ Short Blueberry stock. DJ Short has changed the father plant several times and the plant changed with it.

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