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  1. I'am thinking of growing blueberry because of the goodness I have heard about it. Anybody know of a site I would order it off of. I been to alot of site like and what not and no luck. Please help me heh, I want the blues.
  2. i'm going to move this thread to the seed bank's forum. good sites are recommended there on Big Poppa Puff's list of recommended seed banks. one of the better ones would be here: they have a very wide variety and fair prices.

    good luck :)

  3. wow...I'm bookmarking this page :D I live 20 minutes from vancouver :D

    blueberry sounds awesome...i've tried it once, and it is weird how it REALLY tastes like blueberries! it's soooooo good!
  4. I am also considering blueberry. So if you discover a reliable seed bank please let me know. Personally I search for seedbanks that have been aroound for at least two years.

  5. i grow blueberry and its so tasty

    but...well i hate to say it but it gets a bit old after a few months. my budders now are powerplant...they are about 1 week away from going into the flower room. woody talked me into it.

    but i have to say that every time someone new trys the blueberry...they have nothing but drooling comments about it.
  6. sells blueberry crossed with northern lights#5 ($30 for 20 seeds) but they dont have just plain blue berry. i dunno if this is good enough for you, but BB x NL#5 sounds pretty awesome to me. If you do order from them or have ordered from them please tell me about their reliability and how the smoke was.
  7. i just got there nl#5-bb.I have not yet planted them,but i got them in a week and a half and they look like really healthy seeds.
  8. Froggy ....I have some questions for you....Wanna communicate through e-mail ?
  9. I think blueberry is overrated, I like it and the high is pretty melodic, the only thing I hate is if smoking a lot, the blueberry flavor kind of gets sick...Sometimes you get a akward taste in between hits as well...
  10. try thats an very reliable seedbank all of there seeds are sent in the breeders packs unopened. and he wont tell you to f*ck off when you ask about an order you have placed. and all of his seeds are 100% cannabis seeds. and he garentees an 50% germination rate or he replace em with no questions asked. and you will not get skinny hemp like plants with very low quailty and very sorry service like you will with marc. plus seedsdirect will ship within 10days useully with marc it can take upto a month. and his stelth really sucks. and i have had friends that ordered from him and never got her seeds and i know for a fact it wasnt customs. cause when they take such orders they will send you an letter stateing illegal items have been found and removed
    if you suspect someone useing your addgress to traffic illegal items to contact em. and they give an 1800 number to call. another good thing about seedsdirect is they will replace everyorder takeing by customs free of charge and plus with them you will get a pack of 10 skunk#1 seeds for free. and imho marc dont know shit about the movement and i can prove it by him saying the state i live in has the wroseiest pot laws than anyother state in the country and thats bs! cause i have talked to other growers and seen on norml in there states laws database growing 10lbs or less is an misminor subject to only an $100.00 fine if im not mistakeing. the laws here are some of the most laxed than many other states laws are. so that shows you how much he knows. peace
  11. seedsdirect seems to have the biggest amount of seeds from what i've seen.
  12. Go to and find HD for Hemp Depot, great service, great security, great prices,

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