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Blueberry juice.....??

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by mutiny90, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. i heard someone say add blueberry juice in the water makes the buds taste better.... i dont know if that is true but would adding it cause anything, besides i think lowering the ph level.....?
  2. Whoever told you this, stop believing things they say.
  3. haha ok.... jus had to make sure
  4. #4 Tommatt, Oct 6, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 6, 2010
    Most people add molasses during the last few weeks of hydro right? That sounds just as unbelievable

  5. Except molasses is all natural carbohydrates and sugars which is something marijuana uses to build bud tissue whereas blueberry juice is high fructose corn syrup which cannot be utilized by plants.

    We all good now?
  6. ^^ nicely said... jus learned sumthin new today lol
  7. I didn't mean anything by it, I just was saying a lot of things that are used sound pretty unbelievable. I mean fish scales and bat shit? lol
  8. I added molasses to my last hydro grow in BBs, all I got was foam in the buckets and a nasty mess to clean. I do use it on my dirt grow with good results. they make carbo additives fro hydrosystems that do the same thing, just not as cheap as molasses.
  9. hello all,

    dont knock molasses guys!!!

    when i was doing soil, i used to add molasses towards the end of the plants life, trust me, it fattens it all up nicely.

    I would never add molasses to my hydro kit, its more suited to the dirt.

    when i first started out in this game some people used to say the same sort of things to me:confused:

    i did harvest one time and leave lemon cuttings in a bag with about 3.5 grams in a plastic bag for 4-5 days, the smell did come over in the bud, not strong, but definately a smell was there.

  10. Put the Blueberry Juice into your belly. It'll do more for you than it would ever do for your plants.

    Molasses stimulates the rapid microbial decay of resident organic matter in soil. The carbs that can be gained from it are minimal and can be amended to the soil with many more effective additives than using a sugary mess in your reservoir like molasses is.

    Think Ants. Think Cockroaches. Nasty, nasty, nasty!

    Using a food based substance in your reservoir is like calling all the bugs in the world and telling them dinner is served.

    Plus, it just makes a mess.

    I look at it this way; I grow about six thousand dollars worth of weed (If I had bought it on the street), in each crop I produce. Why am I going to mess around with some nickle and dime crap when there are so many quality choices to be had in terms of nutrients and additives?

    It's time to get up off that wallet and buy what's best. Even if you grow a much smaller crop than I do, it still pays to buy some quality nutrients and additives.

    Use the money you would have spent on the street for that weed. It'll pay you back in high yeilds and quality bud.

  11. Because uninformed people like you will spend money on the additives that do nothing.

    Each company makes a nutrient profile, their specific ratio of NPK.

    The way these companies make money is to break down their ratio into multiple bottles instead of a 1 or 2 part nutrient.

    So instead of needing 8ml of floranova bloom per gallon and NOTHING else, you have to use upwards of 20ml of crap per gallon for your grow.

    If you want to spend a lot more money and get not as good as or just as good as results as those of us who spend $65 for a years worth and get better results than you, go for it :D
  12. Pretty insulting manner you have there fella.

    After growing weed for 40 years, 25 in hydro, I think calling me "uninformed" is pretty silly.

    I use no additives. I use nothing more than the GH 3-Part Flora Series and it works very well for me.

    Learn some manners.
  13. Learn some facts.
  14. You sound like another Internet Know-It-All.

    You assume things you have no way of knowing.

    Why don't you lighten up and quit being a jerk?
  15. Who are you to say I have no manners when I replied in the exact tone that you did?

    I'm sorry your feelings are hurt after I called you uninformed. Reading the evidence you provided in your post it didn't seem at all incorrect.
  16. dude............ you typed a lot of stufff..... i am only able to read like a sentence in.....:smoking:
  17. Why did this thread turn into a cokfight when LEDFUN is just spreading his personal growiing experience, form evidently 30+ years, to the people on this forums. I'll trust 10, 20+ years experience over any book, and anybody who's "heard" somthing and takes it as fact. Ad in, he never attacked anyone, yet hes being attacked here.

    If you have education against him, post the facts. But don't be an asshole and attack. hijm for no reason.
  18. Alright guys.....

    #1 many indoor growers use molasys...period...Its that simple....

    #2. when using molasys in Hydro its about a 1/2 teaspoon per 5 gallons..
    The product sweet is exactly that...

    Be cautious spouting off about all these years of growing, do you have any idea how many newbies show up on this site ranting things like this that are just a lye..
    Youll be recieved allot better once the members here can see ur results...

    Tommat...I agree experience is the best teacher.

    So please stop the bickering and lets get this thread back on track.

  19. This is exactly how you come off also...So take your own advise..;)
  20. I'm sorry you typed all that, you'll be sad to know I didn't read past the first paragraph.

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