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Blueberry Haze & Waffles :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bostondutchmast, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. #1 bostondutchmast, Feb 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 15, 2009
    This bud tastes like blueberry and smells like blueberry. it gives a dominant haze high and i love it. bought a quater this morning and ive been smoking it all day. got about 2 grams left. i wish the taste was a bit more skunky. overall 8/10 i have some a gram of morocan hash i paid 40 bucks for a gram and some jack herer which was better than the haze. ill try and get pics of those up in a different forum

    more pics on page 3






    let me know wut ya think
  2. That waffle looks dank ass fuck... I'm soooo hungry right now.

    Sick pickup though, i've always wanted to try Blueberry.
  3. im just looking at the waffle.
    fuck the weed lol.

    those homemade?
  4. homemade :) always flour ,eggs, baking powder, milk ,sugar, cinamon, vanilla, salt, oil

    then butter and powder sugar on top and usually a strawberry but i had none :(
  5. look at that fuckin keif fest!
    and in the morning, i'm makin WAFFLES!
  6. Sweet pickup
    Looks dank

    Munchies on those waffles. They look so fire :smoking::yummy:

  7. lol i made them at 11 oclock at drunk and high and the party got broken up that i was at so i came home and made some waffles lol
  8. buds are looking pretty dank, check out my diner :p

  9. is that french looks delicious whatver it is...i thought iwas the only one eating breakfest for dinner.
  10. Someones gone n takin a Big O'l Bite outta your waffles man :laughing:

  11. It's cinafrench toast made by the eggo company, i added the chocolate and sugar. and i always have breakfast for dinner, i fucking love it.

    That was 1 bite :eek:
  12. Yeah, it was this guy !
  13. +1:):)
  14. You get that out in Bean Town? I gotta find that since I'm right down the mass pike from ya. :smoke:

    Oh ya I'm going to that celtics game on the 27th. Gunna blaze a fat sack before that and get hammered at the game. +rep
  15. you smoked 5 grams of that today? it saddens me i can't compete right now :(

    nice nug but why would you post the other pics in new threads.. no matter how many threads you cant +rep someone for like a week after you do it once..
  16. Mmmmm that looks nice.
  17. very nice! once im not soo dang broke I will be picking up something frosty. +rep for the waffles being home made and not eggos hahaha

  18. nice i got 7th row tickets to the celts and cleveland...maybe ill try and ask my dad for his tickets if the 27th is gunna be a good game.

    it should be easy to find some of this. its from a major dealer so im sure it will makes it way around alot of parts. he also has a few other types of bud ill get some pics up of that soon

  19. yea i usually smoke a little less than that but it was friday

    i dont get what u mean about posting pics in new thread. and btw you got some nice pics ups too its just your camera is blury just like mine use to be.

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