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**blueberry funk review**

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ViBeToSuRvIvE, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. #1 ViBeToSuRvIvE, Nov 14, 2011
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    ORIGIN::(unknown x blueberry skunk)


    The buds are literally covered with frost all over down to the very core of the stem. The nugs are dense and compact but not at the point where it feel like a rock, it has some suspension within. Long orange hairs are shooting out of the calyxes and leafs. Christmas came early with this frostiness of heaven.

    Taste and Aroma:
    :Breaking up the nug's a strong whiff of blueberries mixed with a dead skunk permeate throughout the room. If this the kind of smoke your expecting to bring somewhere and not get noticed, (DO NOT DO IT)! Fully breaking it down the frosty nugs cover your hands with broken trich's making your fingers feel as you just had applied glue to them. The aroma is juicy and fruity with hints of blueberries !! (BELIEVE IT OR NOT)


    First hit and within 15 to 30 seconds my lips and chin are starting to feel numb. Couple more minutes pass i take another hit and now the neck and my chest all the way down to my toes is numb. Mind is feeling completely relaxed, all worry is gone, the music feels amazing. Great for night time evening , watching movies, music, and of course sleeping.=) Although mostly an Indica some characteristics of sativa traits are present as it starts creeping up on you later on in the stone, mostly body but heady as well.
    RATING::This bud deserves a high 9.1 or higher as the potency, smell, and taste you cannot deny. Bringing you hints of blueberries and juicy fruity all into one combination that will satisfy not only the novice but the art and flavor seeking connoisseurs.

  2. another dank ass looking thread
  3. I'd smoke that : )
  4. Good review bro,enjoy that dankness:smoke:
  5. Good strain review and description i had a male skunk plant earlier this year it smelled like a dead skunk rsn over in the road. it was an Indica but sadly it was a male.
  6. Thanks for all of the appreciation brother!
    Waking and baking right now with some of this lets hope i stay awake to keep typing, lmao i just woke up! This stuff knocks me out.

    Deff will brother, the only thing missing now is a hit for you.

    Aww man im so sorry about that, next time im sure you;ll get that perfect female you were looking for. Keep searching.:smoke:
  7. thanks mane ! stayy medicated:smoke:

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