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Blue widow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by KB Grower, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Blue Widow

  2. looks tasty
  3. Looks good man. Enjoy your new pick up and Friday night :hello:
  4. That looks pretty good
  5. Blue Widow = Giggly Indica
  6. Blue dreamxwhite widow= blue widow?
  7. some fiiiiiiire!! damn man that shit prolly taste great! nice pick up man good looks!
  8. Looks good mang how's the taste? And yes it's berryXwidow ;)
  9. Wow a berry and a widow. I couldn't imagine blue-cheese x widow... Deadly

    I digress, that bud you got there is mighty fine. ;)
  10. I wouldnt be able to bring it to myself to grind those fine buds. :smoke:
  11. ^Yeah Ill get those novelty buds where you just want to save them and stare. "Its like killing a unicorn... with like a bomb."

    ^ ^ you know, at first whiff I get a real cheesy smell. Reminded me a lot like 'cheese'
    then the overpowering citrusy-fruity smell of the ww. Followed by small undertones of sweet fruit
  12. white berry and berry white are not the same, right?
  13. oh my god what a combination...... I have some funk to :]
  14. This was the first bud I smoked, so many memories that I cried, fucking miss my friends...

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