Blue Widow Indoor Grow

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    Hi All,

    This Blue Widow is a cross of my own, and the plant was sort of a fluke. I grew a White Widow male back in '09 and saved some pollen. Last summer I grew a nice Blueberry and pollinated it with the WW. Both parent seeds came from Marijuana Seeds (cannabis Seeds) High Quality Low Prices . I happened to find a seed around Christmas while enjoying the BB, and planted it in a pot next to a few that were well into flowering. It sprang up on New Year's Eve and I harvested the plant last week, a total of 17 weeks. The plant was under a 400 w HPS system. It was on 12/12 from the start due to my other flowering plants. I was able to take it outdoors the final few weeks and the cool temps and sunshine gave it a beautiful hue and a lovely sweet fruity smell! How blessed we are to have such a wonderful fruit to enjoy! I have attached a few pics and had a nice yield.

    I would like to add, I grow all natural, local soil mixed with my own compost. I use a little Fox Farm nutrients and that is it.



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  2. Perfect example of a K.I.S.S grow. Well done.
  3. K.I.s.s. grow? Looks great man
  4. [K]eep t imple tupid

  5. Bingo. :D
  6. DinaFem has this cross available. I have grown it out as a free seed a few times. Their version is pretty nice. Way to grow.
  7. So pretty man. Nice buds.

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