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Blue Russian, Mango Kush, Purple Urkle and "Thunderstorm"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by farkface, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Tonight is the end of day 2 of my planned week-long tolerance break.

    Funny but I just got 2 new strains in just before deciding to take a break. I need the break since I've been smoking almost 2-3 grams a day over xmas break and I haven't had a break longer than 1 day in a few years. Need to get my tolerance down a bit.

    Even though I wasn't smoking, I organized my strains into new CVault jars. For some reason being around my stash made it easier to not smoke it :) Weird right?

    Here are my four strains. From the upper left: Blue Russian, Mango Kush, Purple Urkel and "Thunderstorm". Obviously names don't mean much; I've never even heard of thunderstorm.


    Below is the Blue Russian. Small nugs that I accidentally let dry too much, but they are super crystal covered. Vapes like breakfast taste, delicious!!


    And the Mango Kush. The mango aroma is unmistakable. It tastes just like mangos out of a vaporizer. Smoking wise its decent too. I'm skeptical if this is really a mango smelling strain or some enterprising grower just sealed up the buds with mango peels to get the smell absorbed? Tastes so good I don't really care though :) I might try seeing if I can recreate the smell to see if that helps.


    Next up is Purple Urkel. Hard to capture the colors but it really does have strong purple flecks. This strain I prefer smoking out of a pipe or bong because it has a certain flavor that's better smoked than vaped. vaped it's ever so slightly bitter but still awesome.


    That photo was a bit dark so I took a closer flash shot of the same nug (by the exposed stem where I broke it off). Shows color a bit more:


    Then next up is the mystery weed sold to me as "Thunderstorm". I was first skeptical since most of the buds had been crushed together a bit, something I always avoid. So I just got a tiny bit, but I ended up calling my connect back to get a full 1/4 after smoking it. I think the Thunderstorm is probably the dankest of all the buds here, even though it has the least pleasant smell and taste. It hits very heavy. I think it has the most THC.

    It's hard to tell in the photo, but the thunderstorm has pure yellow trichomes. What does that mean in terms of havesting time or potency again?


    What do you guys think? I can't wait until next weekend but I also have a bunch of woodworking projects to finish up. Not smoking makes it alot easier to get those projects done, especially when power tools are required.
  2. Nice buds. The yellow stuff is trichomes. When they get yellow like that it means the grower let it go for a few more days to bring out more of an indica like effect.

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