Blue Mystic 150W hps-drip/deep water culture

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    Soooo im coming to you guys a little bit late. But heres a few details.

    Currently @ day 37 flower, after 30 days in veg.

    Started with a drip system, and once i hit flower, decided just to go with a deep water culture. Got an airstone in the water for oxygen, and my air pump is still running to keep the water circulating.

    Shes getting a steady dose of Fox Farms Tiger Bloom, as well as cal/mag. I thought she started off a bit slow. Took about 17 days to really show her sex, but has come along quite nicely since. Shes really startin to chub up...

    First pic is about day 16...
    2nd is day 28 flower.
    3rd is day 30...

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  2. Here is today, day 37...

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  3. wow that plant is gorgeous, did you do any training? What strain is blue mystic comprised of?

    edit: i think I see some LST
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    Yes sir. Space is getting tight. Vertrical growth has nearly stopped. And man, i wish i knew what her heritage is, but im just not sure. This is my first go round at BM. I do know she is Indica heavy..

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  5. What I found on the strain:

    Lineage: Blueberry/Skunk Family: Unknown or mixed family Origin: Not Listed Region: Netherlands Genotype: Mixed, primarily Indica Indoor Maturation: 50 to 55 days Outdoor Maturation: Oct 1 to Oct 15 Sex Possibilities: Standard (M/F) Stature: Not Listed Yield: Not Listed Odor Level: Not Listed Odor Description: Not Listed Taste Level: Not Listed Taste Description: Earthy, smooth somewhat fruity berry flavor
  6. Well that just sounds delicious
  7. Day 43

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  8. Wow those look so frosty, could you take a pic of the full plant?
  9. Looking good!!!! I not a big fan of 150 watt hps but that is one nice plant :)
  10. Here u go guys... Day 50. What dont u like about the 150w hps Captain?

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  11. i would definetly wait at least 2 weeks and see if the buds swell up a bit more
  12. A few days ago, i gave her a dose of Bloombastic and Bud Candy. I plan on going at least 8 more days...

  13. nice cuz i read from lots of info that most of the last few weeks is when the resin production starts to burst. and the buds swell up

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