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    Hey all,

    This is my first grow!

    ++++++What I'm growing+++++++

    Short Stuff Blue Himalaya (Autoflower)

    "Our auto Blue Himalaya is a hybrid of the ever popular blueberry and a kush strain from nepal which helps to keep it nice and short. This is a highly resinous strain which stays very short and gives off a wonderful blueberry aroma."

    Type: Auto flowering indica hybrid

    Height: 10-15 inches

    Harvest: 8-10 weeks from seed
Yield: 16-32g per plant
Effect: heavy indica hit
Potency: 8/10

My equipment*

    *All of my current equipment, and the current build of my grow box can be seen in the pictures*

Grow Plan

    Two foiled Rubermaid tubs on top of each other. Inside, I have 6 plants. My lights are 100w CFLs, check the pictures for the details.

    I'm thinking of rigging the lights on the two fixtures and raising / lowering them with a simply chain and hook system.

    Those two fans there are really awesome. When they plugged em in at the store I was really impressed. Heavy duty for sure. I was thinking of putting one on the roof of the box as an exhaust fan, and place the other one on the side of the box somewhere to get fresh air circulating in there as well as wind. Anyone know how I can do this, any tips?

    For example, how the heck do I cut in to a Rubbermaid tub?

    I've got nothing to report right now, but please let me know any and all tips you can about my grow.


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  2. Anyone have anything to add? Anyone, anyone?
  3. A sharp knife could cut into that really easy, that or you could heat the knife and kind of melt/cut it.

    I would recommend using one face to push air into the box. then cut a hole on the top or side to attach a carbon filter, as this would cut down on the smell of the plants :)

    I'm a little jealous of your strain, I'm just not up to paying $50 for 10 seeds, I think that's a bit ridiculous.

    I would also suggest more lighting, I have 120W CFL's (2x 60W) for each of my two plants.
  4. Hey autojunkie, thanks for the reply.

    I actually bought a pretty heavy duty utility knife today from a hardware store. I'm confident I can cut though the box quite easily.

    Your idea for the ventilation is interesting. When you say cut a hole on the top, and attach a carbon filter, do you mean just the filter and no fan? Is that enough exhaust to get the air in the tank out?

    About the lighting, In my case I have 100w per plant and you have 120w - is the extra 20 watts that big of a deal?

    Thanks for the advice!
  5. Usually the more light = the better for the plant.

    Just curious where you got your fans/lights from?

    For fan placement try to make sure the intake is on the lower portion of the tub and the exhaust is higher than the intake (for warm air that rises).
  6. Hey Joshweedon,

    Good call on the fan placement. I kinda had that idea too, and I've been kicking around some possible ways to mount / place the fans.

    I got my lights from Wal-Mart. Fans came from a grow shop in my neighborhood.

    More light = more buds. I know, but I would like to know if I'm working with a reasonable amount of light. I don't care about saturating them with a million lights, low cash, low tech.

    From my own personal research I should be more than fine with the lights I have.

    If you have any specifics about how / where to mount the fans, I'd really appreciate it.

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    Interesting auto strain!

    Forget about air circulation inside the box (a minor problem) until you have solved the smell filter issues. You will need a vent to suck the air through your filter and out for two reasons: a) smell but also b) cooling. That vent could be directly outside the box, but the filter will have to be inside... although it won't start smelling until next month, you have to anticipate filter placement. Also it will help to put the exhaust on top (hot stinky air out) and intake below (cold fresh air in). I made the mistake of constructing the on one side of my box, instead of facing each other. Better air flow if they are facing

    You can stuff that box with a shitload of light, which would be great, but there is a limit to the temperature your plants can take. CFLs are great and can be placed close to the plants, but also means the (little) heat is closer to the plants. That is also why height is quite important --so the hot air can stay above the plants. Superfluous height may compensate for heat problems.

    Oh yeah, also had aluminium foil until I read that mirrors absorb light instead of reflecting it and your better of with plain white. Also, in this way, it will not last a week before it's all torn up. Better cut a white piece of plastic to size, use spray glue and put that in...

    But cannot wait to see these flower
  8. I'm sorry I must've read it wrong, I thought you had 100W total. it honestly depends on the heat inside the box, etc. if you only have one way for air to get in and one way to get it out, it would push the air out through the carbon filter.

    but if you're finding the heat is building up inside the box, I would use an exhaust fan. it really all depends on how big the box is, how many lights you use, and how powerful that one fan really is.
  9. Im not trying to be a cock or anything But if you cant even come up with a way to cut a hole in the side of a rubbermaid tub you might have a hard time growing. Growers need to be creative, super smart, and good at building stuff. I dunno we will see how well this turns out.
  10. For someone trying not to be a cock you're doing a pretty bad job. Your whole post was like 80% cock. You need to try a lot harder if you don't want to be a cock. Usually people who endevor to not be cocks find they need to be creative, super smart and good at building stuff. I dunno, we will see how well this turns out.

    Also, I did find something to cut through the box. The utility knife that I bought at the hardware store.
  11. Hi,
    I got the shortstuff mixed (20)seeds. I planted four seed and got one nice female growing 90% sure its Blue Himalaya (since the mixed seeds are not labeled). It's about 60 days in. Started showing bloom in about 14 days. Much quicker than most. Has nice blueberry smell and not nearly as strong a odor as most plants I've seen. So depending on how many plants you end up with you may not need too much filtering. I'v already tried some. Excellent flavor and nice high. Your in for a treat.
  12. lmao!!

    Nice little setup man, please keep us updated!

    I'll be following :)

    Mind me asking where you got the shortstuff mix? TY :D

  13. I recently purchased the Blue Himalaya (Autoflower) as well. As for your question just search for Short Stuff Seeds. I got mine from The Attitude Seed Bank.
  14. So here is an update with pics to follow soonish:

    I'm an idiot, and failed to put my apartment number on my online order with the Blue Himalayas and thus nothing showed up. I'm betting it won't.

    Not important though, I went out to a seed bank in the city and bought a 5 pack of Nirvanas Autoflower / Fem Northern Lights.

    I germed the first in a paper towel, and planted it in a tiny pot under the lights. This morning I noticed that the sprout has poked above the surface.

    I'll plant the rest soon.

    My set up was remarkably easy to construct. Very very simple, but also very effective (as far as I can tell)

    I'll post some pics soon

  15. Let the poor guy grow

    nd when people say there not trying to be something, they usually are that something
  16. sir this thread is from last Halloween.

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