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Blue Headband (Blueberry X OG Kush X Master Kush X Sour D)

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by jackie.chan, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. #1 jackie.chan, Jan 14, 2010
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    I picked up a half-O of Blue Headband around little 5 in Atlanta the other day. I've heard of headband before, its a cross of OG Kush X Master Kush X Sour Diesel - so I HAD to try this out. I'd assume Blue Headband is a cross of Blueberry and Headband. The smell is very strong and piney.
    The pickup was a little pricey ($250 for the half) - but the high is one of the strongest I've had yet. It only took 3 bowls between 3 people to get me and my friends absolutely blitzed :smoking:!

    I've also included a pics of my vaporizer (Arizer Extreme Vaporizer) and a kief bowl I smoked the other day :D

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  2. Nice VTower man, the bud looks dank as well :smoke::smoking:
  3. I got a new camera today - its a Canon PowerShot SD780 IS... So I decided to take a few more shots of the few nugs of Blue Headband I have left to test the new camera out!

    I'll probably finish the Blue Headband and make a new pickup this weekend. :smoking:

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  4. man it looks really good but 250 is way too much. i'm 20 minutes away from little 5 and i get em for 2
  5. To this day i have yet to find a strain to take me to another planet other than Headband- it aside from G-13 - gets me on a whole other level besides stoned good fuccin pick up man +Rep to you
  6. Nice buds - looks just like the Blueberry Headband I got a few months ago.

    Quick question - do you really run your vape at 210*C? Thats like 410*F, which is REALLY high, from what I've read and tried on my Volcano. Darn near combustion....
  7. i just got the extreme Q and fucking love it
    nice bud btw
    with blueberry and ogkush its gotta be dank
    ive been vaping 373 degrees
  8. Noticed the grinder... You didnt happen to pick that up at Smoke 911 did you? I had 1 exactly like it except red and had teeth break out of it from breaking down GOOD bud. I don't smoke brick period. So I upgraded to Kannastor. and also got the pollen press along with it. Expensive bud but still looks very niceee. Little 5 points is always a expensive spot. there only looking to make profit.
  9. I get some dank shit and simply said... I WANT THAT!
  10. I just picked up an 1/8th of blue headband in OR and it looks exactly the same- super intense piney smell and mossy after taste. Also super stony- just took a couple bong rips and it's definitely good shit.
  11. Thats baller genetics bro. Thats top of the food chain shit.
  12. Nice pickup bro! Headband is without a doubt my favorite strain besides Sour D. Only had Headband once but it was the craziest weed ever man. I got high just looking at it. :hello:
  13. Headband sucks, u gotta smoke so much to get high
    It's not worth the price in my opinion I go for the $15 a G dankness :smoke:

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