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  1. Got my first blue dream ever today:)! Took two not even very good hits and was pretty baked:) I love marijuana<3!!
  2. Meh. Blue dream was one strain this guy I bought off always had. Never got me baked. Great for medicinal use but not recreational in my opinion. 
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    Here is some Blue Dream honeycomb I picked up today. Shitty pics, it's just my iPhone 4s and my 100X scope.

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  4. Blue Dream was what I smoked in high school (NJ). Pretty high quality for the East coast, but I get better bud in college for less (NY).
  5. Blue Dream fucked me up for like 16 hours last weeek. That was my first time with it and DAMN it took me to another GALAXY
  6. I always like trying a new one not really knowing fully how it will react
  7. ha..
  8. Blue Dream is a very common strain it seems.  It won the cannabis cup a couple years ago and became very popular.  Anyone who says it doesn't get you baked just got a weak batch.
  9. I like blue dream but i recently switched dealers because I was overpaying now i get different strains every time all coming from Colorado and they're far danker for a cheaper price. my old dealer is a friend and he's pretty pissed im not willing to pay his outrageous prices for lesser quality shit. im pretty pissed at him for overcharging me though so w/e fuck it.
    i honestly would hook him up with my connect if he wasn't a douche
  10. New GC members be like

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