Blue Dream - Sour Grape - Ice - Green Crack - Mystery Seed. [Pics Inside]

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  1. I am starting my first indoor grow with 6 clones from a local collective, i got all my supplies at a local hydroponics store and home depot....


    12" Blue dream x1
    10" Ice x1
    8" Sour Grape x1
    6" Green Crack x3

    I also got a seed i germinated from a vile i found with a baggie full of seeds... Imma give it a try and see what the outsome is.

    Room: 5x5x9 walk in closet

    Pots & Medium: 3g pots with Miracle Grow Potting soil Ph @ 5.5-6.0

    Lighting: 4 - 4' 32w flourecent tubes for veging, 600w hps for flowering (on its way)

    Water: Ph'd tap water

    Nutrients: General hydroponics Flora Nova one part grow & bloom, cal-mag, sweet, liquid karma.

    Here go some pics, there fom my phones camera so there not to good but ill get better pics as the grow goes on, i just didnt have my camera today.


    Feel free to comment and suggest anything if you guys like.... this is my first time growing, but ive been reading up for a while.

    If you guys want anymore info just let me know.:wave:
  2. miracle grow? can you hear your clone screaming in pain right now? all the strains sound really nice but i would try to transplant that into some different soil. miracle grow has worked "ok" for some but can really harm the plants
  3. I have read up on the miracle gro potting soil and the problems with it is that its to acidic and it has time release nutes, so the ph is adjustable anyways and i guess ill just have to be careful with my nutes. Next grow around i will definately be switching to another type of soil though.

    Thanx for the headsup Dankhead, i didnt know this about miracle gro.
  4. wish i had the blue dream cut. enjoy it
  5. i was definately thinking of keeping a clone from each of these plants for mothers.:smoking: Havent seen to many blue dream or sour grape grows out there...
  6. So today things are still pretty much the same.

    Plants sitting under 4' t12's. No noticeable growth yet. I fed all the plants yesterday with grow & cal-mag nutrient mix. I will discontinue feeding till flowering, unless deficiencies arise, due to the time release ferts in the miracle gro soil. I will be watering again with regular tap water til friday since the soil seems to be staying pretty moist. If anything just a tsp of cal-mag per gal.

    Pic updates will be every friday, i will just keep a log the rest of the days.

    Im gonna include further plans that i have for the grow just for the record.
    A 600w hps is still on its way
    Ordering fan and ducts next week
    light proofing the grow chamber for flowering

    The other half of the room will be occupied by a diy aeroponics tub with 23 sites.
    23 clones will be taken from the 6 plants i have veging now,
    as soon as all clones are succesfully rooted and transplanted into the aeroponics tub, i will switch to 12/12 (600w hps)

    so a 2x4 space will be occupied by 6 plants in 3g pots and the othe half (2x4) will be ocupied by the aero tub with 23 clones

    Thats it for today. Log update tomorrow.
  7. ive only two other people grow it on gc so far. my boy gets blue dream every other week and itso ne of my more enjoybale smokes. very good imo and would be in my garden
  8. nice :D
    cant wait for flowering :smoking:
  9. 11/16 Log:

    Went to check the plants today (btw they are under 24/0 schedule) and first thing i see was sour grape wilted, stem still standing but all leafs fell over and are just hanging. All the rest of the plants are still standing, blue dream and ice seem to have gotten a lil taller since the leafs are now slightly touching the t12 bulbs. Green Crack still lookin the same.
    theres definately noticeable growth in the mystery seedling.

    I noticed the soil and the rockwool cubes were waaaay to dry and the ph was at about 7-8, some even 9...

    Action Taken:

    Watered all pots with water + cal-mag ph'd @ 4-5 to bring down the ph in the soil, even after watering, the soil ph was still a little high (6.5-6.8)
    Watered til i got a little bit of run-off

    Hopefully the sour grape bounces back, im sure it was just thirsty right?:confused:
  10. Log Update:

    Sour grape is looking healthy again after watering yesterday.:D

    I have a concern about my ice plant, it is showing pistils already... is it possible that the plant may have been under 12/12 already or are pre flowers normal even under veg lighting(24/0)?:confused:

    Green Crack and blue dream are lookin healthy, definately showing some growth as well as the mystery seedling. :cool:

    Pics coming friday recapping this weeks logs....:wave:
  11. should be up in a lil while....

    [ame=]YouTube - oh How i love green =][/ame]
  12. Can anyone tell me why my leaf is looking like this...

    Green Crack Lookin Healthy


    Sour Grape is looking happy again


    Mystery Seed - Indica?


    Ice and Blue Dream


    Blue Dream




    Before LST

    After LST


    Decided to LST to get my flourecents hanging evenly over the canopy.
    Ice and blue dream were gettin way to tall.
    Since i dont have my lamp yet i am planning on veging for about another month, after that i should have the flowering room done and have the things together to take some clones before i flower these girls, and of course a 600w hps :cool:

    Any questions, comments, suggestions just lemme know :smoke:
  13. Does anyone have any idea why the green crack leaf is looking like that?

    i tried searching but nothing
  14. Day 9 (from clone) - 24/0 lights

    Its been 2 days since i tied down all my plants (LST) and i have had good results, look for yourself in the video....
    look in my previous post to see the plants when they had barely been tied down and compare to 2 days after.

    Today i am at day 9 since i bought the clones and transplanted them into 3g pots...

    watered today with tap water ph'd @ 6.5

    Here go the videos

    [ame=""]YouTube - 2 Days After LST[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - LST Sites[/ame]
  15. Also i forgot to mention i topped the mystery seedling at its 3rd set of leafs and it has responded, it shows it in the video

    And alot of my leafs are getting dark green with like the slightest touch of blue, im thinking to much nitrogen, i am not feeding the plants anything anymore but just plain water...

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