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Blue Dream & Sour Diesel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by S0UR, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. The longer nugs are Blue Dream. Let me know what you guys think:smoke:

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  2. Just wrap a paper around the blue dream and smoke it the way it is...Im of course leaning to the Sour D, because im from NY...But i have yet to smoke sour D as sexy as that.
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    The Blue Dream nug is 3.2 g's and the Sour D nug is 1.7 g's.
  4. Had some sour d once and let me tell you that was hands down the dopest dope I've ever smoked.
  5. Blue dream is a las vegas fave
  6. I love both but Sour D is my number one all time fav.. I'm actually bout to spark sum Blue Dream as I watch the STL Blues....
  7. Looks fire man I got both strains n my jar:D:smokin:
  8. i get sour D a lot around here and dont get me wrong that lemony sweet smoke is delicious but blue dream just gets me so fucking ripped

  9. Blues baby! Little Oshie action but yeah Sour D is gotta be the dankest bud ive ever smoked
  10. Blue dream gets you higher than sour imo. Its not my fav because its too trippy.
  11. Munchin' :D

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  12. Just finished a half p of blue dream. Amazing nug.
  13. mmmmmm... that Sour D looks greaaaat. I've gottta say I haven't seen blue dream better than the blue dream I was picking up during the summer for 50 a 1/4.. I love Oregon:smoke:
  14. Thanks guys :smoking:
  15. The Blue Dream kicks my ass lol
  16. Nice looking nugs man, that Blue Dream looks awesome. Enjoy!
  17. Thats some dank lookin diesel OP, nice nuggs
  18. Thanks everyone. Just had another bowl of BD... I'm on the moon even though it's daytime.:smoke:

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