Blue cheese? More like purple....please look.

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  1. GC-ers,

    Thought you might like to see this. Just harvested 3 BB Blue cheese which, although they flourished during veg and flower produced only a small harvest (still curing but looks like about an ounce per plant).

    All three were in the same grow room, same soil (plagron bat mix), same nutes (none in veg, Ionic bloom)....same everything. During flower though as you will see from pics 1 and 2 one of the three turned bright purple. Does anyone know why only one would do this?

    Also, the harvest was disappointing despite the buds that did grow were very frosty (pic 3). Would this be due to the temperature of my grow room which is in an outdoor shed in the UK and is very dificult to control?

    I have 3 Kali Mist from the same room which are about 10 days from harvest and are growing really well - big hairy buds - so could it be the Blue Cheese genetics that are poor?

    I have 2 BBBC seeds left so will germ them soon but want to improve, anyone have any advice?

    Thanks guys and gals!

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  2. Looks like those plants had potential. To bad the buds didnt grow bigger. And keeping steady temps is really important from what i have read. Good luck with the next batch.
  3. That kind of looks like toxic salt build up to me. I really doubt its Blue Cheese genetics giving the craze for this strain. I also have a Blue Cheese going right now that looks nothing of the sort.
  4. Could the salt build up happen to just one plant out of three? I presume a good flush as soon as it started to turn purple would have helped?

  5. Yes and yes. I've had it happen to 1 out if 6 for me.
  6. Thanks ggmallow, I'll know better with my last two seeds. Still, did get a couple of ounces of frosty buds to tide me over. We live and learn :rolleyes:

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