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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Strapz, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Better late than never right?

    So i'm about to put my Blue Cheese femanized into flowering in 20 hours. Figured I would start a journal to recieve feedback and tips.

    I grew once about 8 years ago, with HPS. So you can say this is a first grow I guess.

    I am using 4 - 42 watt daylight bulbs at the moment, going to buy the proper bulbs for flowering today.

  2. Looks damn good dude. You seem like you got some experience under your belt.
  3. I was cinsidering making a plant along the lines of blue cheese (didnt know it exsisted till afew days ago) which was going to be WW X BB then use a male to cross with a cheese female, ill be watching dude.
  4. Ok, so last night was her first night of darkness. Hopefully she liked it.

    I am currently using 2 - 42 watt 2600 and 3 28 watt 6500.

    Not sure if it's the proper mix, but it's what I have for now. Obviously I want more 2600, but 2 was all I could snag for the moment.

    A few pics for today, any input or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and Enjoy!


    P.S. - How do I make these pics thumbnails?

  5. That baby is SCREAMING to flower!!!!!!
  6. How long you been vegging?
  7. gonna flower soon?
  8. I let her veg a bit beyond the normal. Probably around 80 days or so, she is just finally in flowering as of last night. Hoping she enjoys it.
  9. Well I decided to do a trim job on her today for better lighting. Hope I didnt go overboard.

    Here she is all thinned out.

    She's taking the 12/12 good so far. Hoping to see some pretties soon.

  10. Next time around, try not trimming off the fan leaves until they are completely dead. All of the leaves up until the dry out conserve nutrients and energy for the rest of the plant. You may notice a difference, you may not. But they are there for a reason ;)
  11. Cool, thanks for the tip. I will make sure not to touch her til needed. I read a few places that taking them off for more lighting is good, and I was kinda concerned since I am using CFL's. I'll hold back from now on. Thanks!
  12. looking good man, Your gonna want to take that plastic wrap off the grow cube to let the roots threw, also try and get the cube covered, algae will grow, You may want to consider taking those domes off and make reflectors, most the light comes out the side of those bulbs. Do you have a fan on her?
  13. Ya, the fan is out of the picture. If you could see 6 more inches above it's there pointing directly down. I'll get the wrap off once the lights turn back on and get it covered as well. Thanks bud. +rep
  14. Hey Bud, did 2 of the 3 things ya recommended so far. Gotta figure out a reflector or how to make a good homemade ballast or w/e.

    This look a little better?

    The one pic you can see where the airflow is coming from.

    Thanks for the suggestions again. I really appreciate all input.

  15. Hey straps.... looks better man, allthough the fan should be low.. cooler air is on the floor heat rises, so right now your blowing the warm air from the lights down on the plant, see if you can get it lower.
    see how th edges of the leaves are just starting to curl up, thats show heat stress... no worries yet but it good information to know, try and keep your temps around 75-85 the closer you can get to 75 the better allthough 85 is risky she can survive a few days of it..
    maybe if you take snips to those domes and cut one side off without effecting the threads where it svrews on, probablyy leave a hell of a sharp edge but then you could turn the so the sides of the bulbs point down on your girly...You got a good start man,
    keep it up... Ill be watching:smoking:

    ps.. probablt take almost two weeks before you see
  16. put ur lights less then 5 inches away they look way to far rite now.
  17. So, I have been debating on moving her outside on my 3rd floor deck during the day to get the best light possible, and bringing her in for the evening. Does this sound like a better idea than keeping her in? I had mainly kept her inside previously due to the intense heat we get here in the summers. It has now lowered in temps considerably recently and is always between 75-80ish during the day and ALWAYS sunny. She would be perfectly hidden where I would have her with no worry of neighbors, etc. What do you think?
  18. Good job on this grow looks good for Cf L's. Could probably finish all the way through with flowering if you put outside now. Depending on how long that cheese is supposed to flower for.
  19. She loves the sun!

  20. looks good bro and im sure her being outside is good for her. just dont forget shes out there and keep track of your bugs

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