Blue Buddha-Best weed ever?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by longsword525, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. So I went over my buddy/dealers house the other day and he had his middleman over and we were matching and i was gonna end up buying a 1/2 anyways..

    He said that he will get some blue buddha and he said it's not even weed, he said it's a 7th generation blunt smoked with NL5, WW, WR, Blueberry, Sour D, and 2 blunts of gdp.

    He specifically said he would smoke me up on some when he gets it so anybody ever hear about blue buddha?
  2. never heard of blue buddha....i don't think i quite understand, is it just a blunt rolled with all kind of roaches from those other strains that were also in blunts?
  3. I've never heard of that before but it sounds amazing. Let us know how that turns out. I'd smoke it.
  4. i think the correct name is "THE EVERLASTING SUNSHINE OF GOD'S WOMB" or "Hades' Last Fire" though...
  5. Wait... So it's not weed, but its a 7th generation blunt with NL5, WW, WR, Blueberry, Sour D, and gdp... hmmm sounds like an idiot. Does he mean, a bunch of roaches from previous strains that he smoked?
  6. So is this a 7th Gen blunt rolled with roaches from those strains? Or is that actually a strain? You confuzzled me.
  7. its just the resinated weed from the chronic, i think.
  8. So its a 7th Gen blunt with those strains? You will get very high, and have a terible taste. lol
  9. You do realize it takes on average like 5 blunts to make a "generation blunt". To make a 7th gen blunt you would need so many roaches @_@
  10. Just smoked some it is very nice. It wreaks of Blue and has a strong blue taste . Hits a little late and keeps on stoning you. Price is ridiculous. I can't wait for medicinal in Tn.
  11. Dude blue buddha is a plant my buddy is grwoing it now. Wat ur dealer is givin u is a bunch of different strains mixed together. That is great too. He said 7th gen cuz there are 7 strains in the mix. U gettin some good shit but i dont think its as good as buddha
  12. Who sells blunt roaches?

    The hell?

    Well, if you're satisfied, OP... :smoke:

    EDIT: Army Skunk, what does "blue" taste like? :p
  13. That would taste like shit.
  14. I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...
  15. "ever minute there's a sucker born"
  16. i once toked a 10th gen SD blunt. idk why you would go the effort to save and roll that many blunts and roaches but ive never been that high. but ive never heard of blue buddah. sounds like he gave it a name
  17. no blue buddha is a real strain. my buddy grew it a few months back b4 he got busted. anyway blue buddah is a really nice blue strain. i think its a cross between blueberry and big buddah
  18. My friend told me about blue buddha said it was really good and i should keep an eye out for it but other than that I haven't heard anything about it.
  19. Over here a 7th generation blunt would be disgusting as fuck, meaning we're smoking weed that has built up resin all over it because it's been through 6 previous blunts *sigh*. I try to stay away from 2nd generation but 7? holy shit.
  20. Any dealer who boasts about this thing must be a pretty uninformed drug dealer.

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