Blown head gasket?

Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. My stepmom has blown one.. mega bad.

    First.. she buys a $150 dog.. and then GIVES IT AWAY FOR FREE!!!!

    Now.. her daughter, just bought a Toyota Highlander, now she's GOT to have a truck. Either an extended cab V6 or a 4-door V8.

    She seriously is losing it. *sigh* at least it isn't my money.

    Although.. I wouldn't mind driving the truck everyonce in awhile ;)
  2. Head gaskets usually blow because the car isn't taken care of... I say it's a set up for a brand new automobile!!!! Stepmoms are smart like that!

    (She gave away the dog? GEEZ!)

    But you're least it isn't your money.
  3. head gaskets are a eazy thing to fix if u want directions just PM me
  4. ^^

    maybe I'm just yea really high.. yea I am.

    but this isn't about blown head gaskets, it's about my stepmom losing her mind.

    sorry if you knew that already.. it could just be the weed making me think you dont know that :D
  5. maybe you should chain her up in the basement?
  6. maybe u shud tie her down shine a light in her eyes and slap her around a bit. or just talk to her but what do i know lol
  7. i think your av explains your dimeanor....hey, whaddya does mine:p
  8. I just think she's dumb, I'm not going to try and stop her or anything :D
  9. hahaha drunk post!!! now stoned post!!
  10. *smokes joint*
  11. Well, while she is in the mood to blow money tell her you need $50. And some mittens.
  12. and 12 lbs and that you want to buy plane tickets for all of your friends here to go somewhere together and get stone.d

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