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Blowing Smoke out of Window?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Justin1020304, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. I smoke in my room and was wondering how to keep the smell of the smoke inside my room only and not go through the rest of the house. My house is connected to neighbors and I'm afraid if I keep my window open it will stink up the neighborhood . Not trying to test out who will and won't call and get me in trouble. Any advice? Would smoking in a closet and then closing the door and cracking the window do good wi a fan towards the window?
  2. When I lived in a dorm last year, I smoked by my desk with the window open. I always made sure to use a sploof, even when vaping. Depending on where you live, your neighbors are either cool with it, do it themselves, or will threaten to call the police. As long as you aren't sitting out on your front porch ripping a bong, you should be ok. Just sploof it out the window, and also be sure to check the direction of airflow with a lighter BEFORE taking your first hit. Sometimes it'll suction all the smoke outside (good), others will suction air inside (BAD).

    I stole like 8 dryer sheets from my roommate, burned a hole in the bottom of a water bottle, shoved them in there, and I was good to go :)

    Edit: I would not advise smoking in your closet, unless you want everything to smell like the herb lol. I had a few g's in my suitcase last week, and all my clothes smelled like straight bud... it was kind of nice
  3. If you're that bothered then go outside somewhere, garden if you have one, the smoke will dissipate as will the smell after a few minutes
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  4. Yeah if you're an adult just step out back and light up, no big deal, unless ofc you live in a townhome and share a backyard with neighbors.
  5. anything to get the smoke up and away from buildings, the smell is unmistakable if it lingers around an area.
  6. Beware of Government Thermal Scanners(GTS).

    Satellites above us monitoring for dank smokes. Not srs.

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  7. They call that closet smoking.
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  8. Man up fam. You really shouldn't be smoking if you care what other people think.(I live in U.K and blaze everywhere I go,if people smell it?So what?)You cannot smoke high grade weed indoors without it smelling. Fact.You should continue blowing smoke out your window, then use an air freshener afterwards to mask the residual smell. Just go for a walk if you're too paranoid.Chances are someone on your street blazes too so...

    Let's get growing!
  9. He needs to come out. Lol

    Let's get growing!
  10. Unmistakable to people who know what cannabis smells of.Police recently sent out scratch n sniff cards in U.K which smell of ganja,to help the public sniff out cannabis farms? (I know,right) best thing was,they didn't smell like any cannabis I've smoked,lol,they smelled of basil.

    Let's get growing!
  11. Carbon activated sploofs are like $20 online, even tobacco shops.

    Blowing it outside, no guarantee it magically disappears. It can enter someone else's window.
  12. Make a sploof. Take an empty toilet paper tube, pack it with dryer sheets, & blow smoke through it. Smoke comes out smelling laundry fresh(for the most part).
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  13. Lol.That would look so funny.Plus it wouldnt work very well. Good idea though..

    Let's get growing!
  14. I always just blow my smoke out the window, granted I live in the attic so I doubt it is smelling too much to anybody.
  15. What do you mean it wouldn't work very well? It works extremely well. I used one in college, & still use one now when I want to smoke in the house. I live in a townhouse & not sure if my neighbors are cool about smoking. Last thing I need is the Po-Po knocking on my door.
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  16. Ok children, this is not rocket science.. Marijuana travels with the air flow. If you have a window open, you are creating a draft all throughout your house, meaning your entire house is going to smell like smoke and to stop that, you actually need to physically control the air flow, meaning your door has to be vacuumed sealed. If your door is vacuumed sealed, you can smoke in your room all you want, if your door is not (its not) then whatever marijuana smoke left to atmosphere is being taken by the draft. You can avoid the draft by blowing the smoke out the window, but as another poster already said, that same smoke could be taken by a draft into another persons window.

    To suggest that you are getting 100% of smoke into your lungs in the first place is completely ridiculous.. Some of it is going to atmosphere when you initially smoke and some when you blow it out. Again, even using a smoke buddy, its a great tool, but if the marijuana smoke isnt blown into the smoke buddy, whatever is left to atmosphere is going to go with the draft.

    Marijuana itself does not smell but burnt marijuana is truly an invasive and pungent smell. If you were going to smoke in your room doing whatever successfully, the main factor is going to come down to quantity and nothing else.. If your smoking a full bong bowl, thats just silly.. Have a hoot as big as a one hitter bowl and then if anyone does smell it in the first place, the smell is not in a massive quantity. Also, whatever piece you hit with is going to smell dank after the fact as well.

    I think yall doing this successfully are relying more on the patience/tolerance of your neighbors than actually being stealthy.
  17. If you are blowing dank you might as well just smoke in the room and keep the door closed. Or try that sploof thing to thin out the smell and spray your room good w/ fabreeze. Also towel under the door:passtheshit:
  18. Please could you explain yourself a little better, I'm struggling to understand what you mean... It's the "Marijuana itself does not smell" part that gets me,

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  19. For real. Every time I bring weed into the house my wife is all " omfg, did you get sprayed by a skunk?". In fact, when I have buds in anything but glass jar, all I smell is weed.

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