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Blowing O's

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iSmokeFlavor, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Anyone have any really good tips to learn how to blow O's with smoke?

    I have been smoking for over 7 years now and never really learned. Ive tried a few times but it looks like shit. I know you're supposed to use your throat or something, but I dunno.

    Any tips?
  2. When I wanted to learn how to blow smoke rings, I just bought a pack of black and milds and practiced for a couple days. By the end of the pack I could blow smoke rings anytime I want.
    I dunno about tips, it just takes a lot of practice. Watch how people do it and try to imitate. Everyone has a different way of doing it

  3. Make your mouth into the shape of an O then give small coughs from the back of your throat... not even a cough really... just kinda force some air out... it helps to tilt your head back.
  4. You pretend like you're sucking an invisible least that's what it tends to look like when people do it.
    I don't know.
  5. Also, you can get really good ones if you can dislocate your jaw, and snap it back.
  6. Use tobacco to practice. You'll be wasting bud if you're just going to try smoke rings.
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    try to hold your tongue in the center of your mouth in line with the O you are making with your lips. you gotta learn to put your tongue in the right place, little weird at first. then as another poster said force air out of your mouth in short little bursts. good luck

    are you doing it by inhaling the smoke or just holding it in your mouth?

    i find if you hold the smoke in your mouth its a little more difficult to do while controlling the smoke but u can make really thick ones.

    if you inhale, just exhale until the smoke gets thick and start makin o's. its easier and the smoke stays in your lungs while your trying if your worried about that (someone mentioned wasting smoke ). doing this with cigarettes will cause damage though if you do it alot i'm sure.l
  8. Youtube would be ur best bet
  9. exactly this. you'll want a place with absolutely no breeze to practice.
  10. Thanks guys! all great tips. And I'll check out youtube for imitation purposes.

    As someone said its a waste to use bud, and cigs are gona kill my throat/lungs (i dont smoke cigs).

    I think a hookah with tobacco would be ideal to practice, cuz you can get the smoke super thick. Cant wait to try!
  11. Please dont do this with bud. I would slap anybody who blew O's with my herb, inhale exhale simple as that. Save the O's for tobacco ar other smokables please.
  12. Yes hookah is the perfect medium for practice.

  13. agreed. Hookah and a still air room is all I need to get a little ring action going.

  14. lmao smh
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    PM me if ya need anymore help :smoke:

    I could teach you to do a little something like this
  16. i could never blow smoke rings no matter how hard i tried, until i was dropped acid and convinced myself i could do it and blew 4 huge perfect rings on the first try

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