Blowing CO2 Directly At My Plants

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    I have been blowing co2 directly at my plants. I don't have a ppm meter, but haven't been blowing too long. Can anyone tell me how long I should give it if I have my 10lbs tank controlled to 20 psi coming out of my nozzle? I have a 55x55x73 tent. Any help would be appropriated! Thanks! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416631467.300225.jpg

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  2.  It will be a non-issue by morning because your tank will be empty. You need a controller to be effective.
    Sorry, R.
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    The tank has no way to empty if it's closed after every use... Do I sound like I'm trying to kill my family??? Sorry to say, but that may be the dumbest answer to this question ever! I've been spraying out of that tank all week... It's not empty! What do you even mean by this?? I don't need a controller.... I do have a Ragulator on the tank! I must sound like an idiot to you. Did you catch the part where I have the pressure regulated to 20lbs psi?
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  5. Well if you want people to answer your questions you shouldn't be a dick when you get a response that you don't 100% understand. I don't use CO2 but I think what he means is you need a controller valve on it that will keep the tent at a constant PPM level. That way when it drops below the level you set the valve will release more. The method you are using where you manually release it whenever you feel like it seems like you would have a very high concentration right as you open the valve but then it will drop rather quickly all the way back down to 0. Essentially a bunch of ups and downs in the CO2 PPM. Just my 2 cents.

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    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2014 that was dumb....when someone tries to help you?...btw....Carbon Dioxide will not kill your family under normal circumstances ....thats dumb. and if you want help please include all relevant info...intake,exhaust, location and size of intake and well as temperature range. If you really want help don't be a dick to ppl who try to'll basically alienate ppl from helping in the future.
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  7. The fact that the tank will be empty doesn't make any sense. I thank everyone for the help... But that response didn't help at all! He just told me that my tank was going to be empty by morning!

    The temps in my room stay between 77 degrees during the day and drop down to no lower than 70 at night. I am using a 4 inch in line 190 cfm fan with a 450 cfm 6 inch by 12 inch phresh filter. I also have a fan that doesn't blow at the plants in the room. I am growing under LED and really don't have high temps. My plants seem very happy in their environment. They seem to be thriving with everything I spray on them... Including foliage sprays. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416670782.313174.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416670798.313298.jpg

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  8. Ok, sorry I misunderstood your technique. I thought you left the CO2 on the whole time at 20 pounds of pressure. 
    First thing: You can empty a 100 pound tank in your bedroom and it will look like a haunted house (fog) but wont kill you unless you lay on the floor in a sealed room. CO2 is a common method to make fog (dry-ice and water) and tons of it is pumped into public places. Yes it will displace O2, but it will take a lot and no way that small ten pound tank will do the job.
    To be effective at all for growing, you have to enrich the atmosphere in your grow room to above 1200 PPMs the whole time the lights are on. Anything less is a total waste of time.
    I run my room at 2000 PPMs (more then most I know) and go through one or two 20 pound tanks a grow cycle.
    I have tried the timer method (15 min on via a timer, electronic solenoid valve, and a bubble counter) and it wasted CO2 and was not effective at all. I had to make the thousand dollar investment to do it the correct way and to see a measurable difference.
    Co2 can not be used to replace compressed air for scuba diving.
    Best of luck, R.
  9. Thank you R!

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  10. You are growing in dirt, there is a whole bunch of stuff you can do before setting up to use CO2.
    At least step up to hydro or coco before messing with CO2.
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  11. I am growing in promix and about 1/10 of worm casting.

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  12. The point is, that's not optimum enough for the CO2 to make a difference.  If you were growing in a hydro setup that you had working down to a tee and great yields, i mean really great, you could maybe improve those by investing a couple of thousand dollars in getting a proper CO2 setup.
    If not, it will make literally no difference whether you use extra CO2 or not.  What will make a big difference is converting from promix/worm castings to DWC, a lot cheaper and more effective than trying to use CO2.
  13. What is DWC?

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  14. DWC is Deep Water Culture, it's a type of hydroponics.  If you know what you're going, you can have a lot of detailed control over exactly how much nutrients the plant gets, when, and in what ratio, moreso than you get with soil.
  15. I just bought one!! We'll see how badly I do my next grow!

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