Blow toker, Sploof, Puffinator...

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Mariner rox, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Whatever you call it, I found something at
    From there, click on "Smoke & fume Extraction"
    It's got replacement filters and a silencer and a fume hood for blunts and shit.
  2. hahaha maaaan, if you need that for im guessing if you live with parents or someone you dont want knowing you smoke, how are you gonna explain that
  3. People who live in dorms/teepees.
    Never want to wake up Chief Bitchalot when you're tokin.
  4. man i didnt even think of that, alright ill call that a good find for dorm tokers
  5. depends on how loud the vacuum is. it's hard to explain to your RA at 11:30 at night why you are cleaning your room with a vacuum you dont have.
  6. good/cool find none the less
  7. It also has a silencer to make it quiet. Now sure how quiet but can someone find a price on this thing?
  8. if u wana find out the prices just clink the Buy Now button on the website
  9. the hose is cheap but the actual vacuum is like $550. it would be easier to get a computer fan and hook it up to a hose leading outside your window
  10. Someone should send this to Roor. They'll make billions selling it at $1,300.

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