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    How many of you girls and guys love giving head!
    I mean Ive met some cocksucking people. I HATE lickers. ITS NOT A LILLIPOP!! I mean if you're going to suck a cock, shouldn't you suck it like you mean it?
    [ame=""]YouTube - donald duck blowjob[/ame]
  2. Out of all the goddamn videos you could have chosen, you chose a donald duck blowjob audio. Really tells me somethin!
  3. I, ummmm, don't want a dick in my mouth.
  4. I voted "Guys: I Do it cause he likes it", because this poll is just plain stupid
  5. ckuf eht tahw
  6. Ah, yes... I remember puberty.
  7. Why is it stupid?
    I thought it would be an interesting poll (scuse the pun)
  8. Why wouldn't you like to do something you're good at? ;) I almost get off because of how much pleasure the guy gets out of it. Now this doesn't mean I'll suck just any dick :p I'm talking about in a relationship.
  9. Haha what the fuck ?
  10. Guys: I love sucking a nice dick. ;)
  11. HAHAhAthat video has me rollin!


  12. what the fuck

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