bloom enhancers?

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  1. ok so i wana start using some bloom enhancers. ive never used anything other than my regular A/B fertz. i am growing in a hydro drip system. any suggestions as to what to use? preferably a non-organic liquid.
  2. Canna Boost if you grow in will blow your mind
  3. I use max-bloom which is 0-50-30 and throw in some Overdrive for good measure.
  4. i really like the advance products. have you used the overdrive by itself? what kind of Difference did you notice?
  5. I got a much better result combining the two. If I had to choose I'd go with the other product over the overdrive. Its also really cheap, I bought a 2.5kg (5.5-6lb) tub for $65 compared to 1kg or 2.2lb of big bud or overdrive for $100.
  6. yah some of their stuff is expensive, like vho... but how big are your gains over using nothing at all?
  7. I've never used nothing at all.
  8. Can you still get good buds?
  9. If you are on a budget then the cheapest bloom enhancers are the following.

    • Bud Blood/Hydro Boost/Blossom Blaster/etc.. Their NPK value is 0-39-25. They are all the same an usually come in a 40G packet for about $10-14 Each packet normally does 400Liters of water. These you use about two weeks in when you see the flowers established and two weeks later. So two feeding. The high phosphorous levels and Gibberellic acid force the flowers to get bigger. (More is not better)

    • Monopotassium Phospahte NPK is 0-52-34. usually this products comes in 25Kg bags but some hydro stores might bag it down into 1lb bags. This is basically Monster Bloom/Bud Blaster/Monsgter Blood/Max-Bloom/etc.. Usually you use this product in week 5 and on.

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