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Blonde Hash w/ pics

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by KingFrankWaits, May 8, 2009.

  1. 1/2 oz of blonde hash ($500-600/oz)
    no strain name
    smokes great
    taste great

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  2. Beautiful. You make it yourself?
  3. no, I'm 4 away from the source
    it cost alot, but a little goes a long way
  4. jeeeeeze thats alotta hash. Nice pick up.
  5. It is alot of hash! I love smoking hash...but...who doesn't?:smoke:

  6. yeah fair point

    Im gonna go make some :D:hello::smoke:
  7. what is blonde hash??

    to me that looks like a shitload of kief all being held together somehow?? water maybe

    either way.. dank as hell.. just never heard of blonde hash
  8. When hash gets into the blonde/yellow/pale color spectrum it generally means it's very high quality. The greener the hash looks the lower the quality and vice versa.

    I used to get this great blonde hash from Lebanon that was literally pale yellow/gold in color. Mmmmm.
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    ahh I see, I always thought a browner color usually meant quality.

    anyhow to me this still looks just like pressed kief, not bashing at all, but it looks very.... i dunno unprocessed?

    opposed to this pic of some "blonde" hash from hempcity

  10. Um, hashish IS 'pressed kief'.

    Brown hash can be just as good as blonde. The color you do not want in hash is green. That means crushed plant matter got through the sifting process. The best hash is pure pressed trichomes (kief).
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    yeah I guess your right...

    but then again thats kind of like saying kief is just as potent as hash oil.. and thats just not true.

    I believe hashish can be made alot more potent if you use the right process

    :D thanks I know how to make both kief and hash, and have been doing so for many years now :x

  12. You can believe that but you would be wrong. Hash Oil is not Hashish and vice versa. The former is an extraction, the later is compressed kief. They are two very different things but unfortunately these days people confuse the two and refer to things such as BHO or QWISO as 'hash' when it's really 'hash oil'.

    Here is about the most potent stuff you can extract/make:

  13. Very good point, I guess you really cant consider that hash when using ISO.

    Ive known how to make all this stuff for a long time now but i just always called it hash because its not in an oil form.

    thanks.. just needed some clarification i guess haha :D
  14. You're welcome. The main reason I'm here is to educate :)
  15. Thats weird looking hash, but id smoke the shit outta it!

    Guessing it was made by water xtraction?
  16. Possibly, given the shape.

  17. I don't know the extraction meathod, but I might be able to find out.
    The larger of the two chunks has a woven pattern on it, like it was pressed in burlap or some other heavy fabric. It works inbetween your fingers like a paste. Very, very yummy...
  18. It looks like pretty good hash to me.

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