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  1. I've created every kind of blog you can in different categories and everything. Nothing I do results in the creation of a blog. It simply says, "Herb. does not have a blog yet." even though I have many.
  2. Looks like some kind of glitch with your username, man.

    When I just go to the blog lists, I can see a blog by you on there, and I'm able to view it by clicking the title. I can also view your other ones by clicking "previous" and "next".

    But yeah, like you said it's not working any of the other ways.
    Thing is, it's not saying "Herb. does not have a blog yet". Instead it's saying "herb=)" or "Herb" which leads me to believe it's some kind of issue with the period at the end of your name.

    As far as resolving it... that's more SJ's territory, I'm sure he'll look into it when he has a chance. It's possible it'll be fixed when the update happens. :confused_2:
  3. Works for me bud. I'll let him take care of it when he gets the chance. It just stumped me for the longest time and I thought it was due to a confusing blog system with the version of VB used here. I know now it is, in fact, an account linked issue.

    Thanks for your quick reply friend.
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    I'm going to check your settings. Even now, it says you have one blog entry but when I clicked on it, it said you had none. So, give me a few and I'll see if I can determine what's up. :)

    LOL! Everything got slow as hell for me and jammed up so I missed jd's post. :p

    **It's a user name issue as jd said so I've hit SJ up for him to check it on his end. :)
  5. I will definitely do that. Thanks to both of you for your support.

    I thought it was the blog description so I edited that. Then I thought it was a problem with the categories so I tried to play with that. I'm sure now, that its a user name or account issue.

    Thanks again junkiedays and RMJL. I'd like to have a chat as well, when and if you get the time, RMJL.

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