Blink 182 is BACK TOGETHER!

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    Wasn't sure if someone made a post on this already, but.....


    wooot woottt!

    EDIT: That came out really shitty. Idk why, but YAAAAAYYYYY!
  2. Uhh not going to be the same. Blink should bring back Scotty.
  3. Great, more fake punk for kids.
  4. Hahaha

  5. Better than christian/hyms.

    And this is old news.
  6. How so? I generally put them in the same category; crap.
  7. hey man im stoked too. as lame as it is that band changed my life. i love em. and for those who dont like em? thats cool. im not making you listen to em, but those who love them HELL FUCKING YEAH!
  8. I remember getting stoned at a Blink 182 concert. Actually, it's my first recollection of ever toking up. Well, as they say "some kids get saved in a bath tub and others get saved at a rock show."

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