Bling Bling's baptism

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. BLING BLING IS HERE!! haha thats fucking great lmao.
  2. seems like a drug jackass.
  3. Hey girl can you say BLING BLING?!
    That was fucking awesome
  4. thats fucking great good to see some more stuff from them
  5. Fuckin Bling Bling, man. Ahahaha
  6. which dvd is that on?
  7. not his best. But bling bling is my idol. haha
  8. great...just great.
  9. Hahahah, Thas fuckin great.

    Good to see more of him.
  10. Wait, am I seeing this correctly?

    I have no clue who Bling is, but did he wait to get dunked, and then he popped up and blazed? If so, that's fuckin bad ass
  11. He was smokin hard homie.
  12. Jonsi, meet Bling Bling:

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  13. thank you r m
  14. HAHAHA the end of it TOTALLY caught me of guard lol.

    -I have sinned
    -I take jesus into my heart!
    -And I ask him!
  15. That was funny, does he mess with people a lot like that, some one link me more videos!!
  16. haha funny stuff i cant wait for a new bumfights
  17. i wonder how much that crack pipe would go for on ebay.
  18. BLing BLign's crack pipe hidden inside of his collar.... Only the Bling Bling, HAHA! that dude is fucking funny as hell, and I love Bumfights. JOE>
  19. <<<< theres bling bling right there

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