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    So I was at a party about a week ago I was talking to a friend and I thought he was trying to freak me out so I kept on saying "Stop trying to freak me out dude, it's not going to work." but he would just say "I'm not trying to Freak you out, i'm just trying to talk to you." So I was like "dude it's not going to work... wait... what woah duuuuuude.". So yah, I pretty much just blew my own mind somehow, I can barely remember it but my friend can because he is straight edge.

    Keep Blazin':smoke:

    I completely messed that up, lmao.
  2. I felt it was needed to be mentioned, I'm still a newb, lol.
  3. Cool story.
  4. interesting.... NOT
  5. wait.....what? :confused:
  6. Bad story, I know but felt it was needed, lol.
  7. Dude you don't have to reply if you didn't like it. If you didn't think it was interesting, why did you need to reply, just leave the thread.

    Anyways, nice story bro. I've been in those kinda situations. Quite hilarious to be in because you're so blazed and you dont WTF is going on..

    Keep toking man.

  8. Good introduction and buildup towards the body of the story, but a complete drop-off at the end. You wouldn't happen to be stoned, would you?
  9. At the time maybe.
  10. ... high moment much?:p
  11. Indeed
  12. lol, there should be some kind of colour coding on here so that you can see weather somebody was baked or not when they post a message, i think it would be useful.
  13. Gives me an idea, lol.
  14. Am i being fucking retarded because I've just noticed that in your sig but was it there before i suggested that?
  15. Nope, lol.
  16. reminds of the time i stared at my asshole in the mirror
  17. OR was your ass hole staring at YOU in the mirror?

  18. Ahahahahahhahhah!! :D +rep

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