bleezy back fo sum help

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    bongs are so much better than cans man, bleezy made a good choice
  3. You so hood Bleezy

    Fuck aqualabs though, if you've got the $ to be buying from them you should just get in contact w a glass blower n get a beautiful 1uvakind piece

    I thought bongs was white people shit anyways?

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  4. tru but wen a niggas pockets get to ful he gots ta buy somethin'
  5. Don't hate in alt they do big things! And not every one has the time/contacts for glassblowers
  6. Why not just get the Goldstein you posted and buy mad weed wit the chicken you saved
  7. I think you could buy a lot better pieces cheaper, but I do not have much faith in SlumGold. Never hit a piece though so might all be speculations but I don't see them them being mentioned a lot either. SlumGold does how ever have a pretty unique design and like I said, never hit one.
  8. Lol am I the only one who laughs at these kinds of pieces? Because it has some decals on it it becomes super expensive. Same shit with jag. Jag collars by sending a sticker pack. lol spend your money on something with some real work and craftsmanship not a hype name.
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    ^ I know what you're getting at. It's a cool idea, but the sticker price is over the top. I've seen vids of them, and it didn't blow my mind. Sure it's "unique" and hard to find, but that doesn't mean it should cost that much. It isn't a fucking diamond. Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. yadayamean but aniga likin' how dat slumgold look n' whas 1G ta bleezy nyway?
  11. If ya gots that bleezy ta spleezy den get dat mobious son. Or 3

    I agree about slum gold, I don't agree about jag. I have never seen pieces that have Jag's style. Stickers or not.

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