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bleach trick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thehighlife420, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. so i have to pass my home drug test, and i know bleach works but how much should i put in the urine to pass and not make the urine brown?

  2. visine

    dont put bleach in it tho.

    a buddy of mine drank a capful of bleach the day his mom tested him and he passed.

    he said it hurt to piss lol
  3. he drank bleach?
  4. #4 Shortgreen, Feb 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 18, 2009 he know you just suppose to put the bleach IN the piss? and wouldnt he be dead? or atleast brain dead?
  5. don't try either

    drinking bleach can kill you

    the only sure fire way to pass a piss test is to have clean piss

    just drink tons of water and put a drop of yellow food coloring in it or buy a supplement drink from your local headshop

    and for gods sake don't drink bleach
  6. He drank bleach?

    He should have been taken to poison control IMMEDIATLY...

    I'm sure his parents would rather him fail than him die
  7. ehh no accounting for lost brain cells, if he's stupid enough to drink bleach, he obviously never had 'em in the first place haha
  8. Yeah dude if it is a home one, just st somebyelloe food coloring' if you don't have that bring a yellow washable marker in the restroom and use that make the water warm
  9. no no no no no no bleach
  10. yea he drank it lol

    he was fine

    alot of kids at my school SAY they do it but i actually saw him drink it.
  11. That's a really bad idea, don't drink ANY amount of bleach. That shit can fuck you up pretty bad.

    I don't know about pouring it into the cup of urine, I've never had to take a drug test. But definitely don't drink it.
  12. lots of water (dilute the piss).
    B vitamins (yellows the piss), food coloring works too.

    You should go to CVS or something and pick up the same test your parents use, try it out a few times and see if you can pass by dilution.

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