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  1. Im about to get out of work and head to the gym.. recently i've started taking like 3-5 hits in the parking lot outside before i go in and i've noticed it helps me focus and i have more determination to finish out the full reps.. also, i get lost in music and i forget im working out so a lot of times i end up doing even more reps :smoke:

    Does anyone else blaze before heading inside the gym? or working out at home?
  2. I've noticed that if I blaze before running that it's soo much easier.
  3. Yeah, it's my favorite way to work out, for the exact same reasons you just listed. Running is also amazing, for getting lost in music.
  4. yeah running too, when im sober im just thinking 'i want to finish already' but when blazed i just think about random irrelevant shit and i forget im actually running.. making it easier psychologically lol
  5. I get relaxed when I blaze, which is not what I want to be when working out.
  6. I went in today at about 3pm ... I had blazed some Jack at 10:45 so I wasn't really burned out or anything.

    I'm sore as fuck and high as fuck now.

    But uh, I don't really like going to the gym high.
  7. I heard somewhere that smoking pot relaxes your muscles which, in turn, doesn't allow them to stretch as much during workouts; resulting in less muscle build-up.

    I have no idea if this is true but it sounds reasonable.
  8. i usually burn/pack a bowl after workouts.

    that might just be me tho.

    but theres just that appreciation for a blunt/bowl after a hard workout.
  9. you and me sound the same

    its great isnt it? im about to go for a run and rip the bong first :smoke:
  10. I wouldn't know because I never work out. I just have a highly active metabolism.
  11. [ame=]‪Marijuana & Bodybuilding‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Lol I do the same shit. Sunday I got stoned and ran 16 miles :D
  13. What a stupid video...

    1. A little willpower can cancel this out, or just eat healthy food for munchies.
    2. I got so high and mellow yesterday that I went to the gym!
    3. Not sure I made sense of that, but I'm able to finish my sets even if I'm stoned.

    Btw...dude needs to beef up his neck a little and trim the remaining fat from his stomach before he gives up "ripped abs" advice.
  14. How do you work out your neck?

    I thought it was a sign of steroid use.

  15. Traps? Idk a legit bodybuilder with a neck like that wouldn't make his pecs so huge that they draw attention to his skinny neck.
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    Lol sure it was 16 miles?
  17. My oppinion is to smoke up right after and use the munchies to take full advantage of the 2 hour post workout anabolic window which is when anabolic hormones rise in response to heavy weight training. Just make sure to push as hard as you possibly can in the gym(which personally I cannot do stoned) and eat clean foods(such as lean animal meats, fruits, and complex carbs such as oats and potatoes). Im kind of a health nut
  18. When I burn before I usually don't feel the lactic acid in my muscles so I can work out longer and harder, but i don't want to because id rather do something else when I'm high.

    I do love bike riding high, I dont get as tired.
  19. working out stoned is awesome. in high school me and some buddies took the weightlifting class and would sneak to our buddy's van while everyone was changing and would hit the bowl then go in. i also would go to football and lax practices ripped. it definitely takes your mind off how much some of those practices can suck! makes it even more fun when you're smackin people around took, hehe good times! :hello:
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    Haha real funny, I'm pretty it was 16 because I have Nike+ so it tracked it

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