Blazing with my dad

Discussion in 'General' started by TheToyMaker, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. so my dad knows i smoke... hes OK with it as long as im not being stupid or selling/growing or blazin in the house...

    now i want to smoke with him... i know he USed to... and used to is fairly recently... as well as A TON WHEN HE WAS A KID... this guy was a fucking pothead.. i found a bong when i was 9 and a half smoked joint when i was 14. SHOODA SMOKED IT

    what would the best way to smokle with him be??

    say, "hey dad... you wanna smoke some weed?" ???

    what method should we use???

    i dont wanna risk loosing ym glass and thats the only piece i have.... and its my first piece...

    maybe roll up a joint??? but my joint rolling skills arent too great...

    im sure if i worked at it i could come out with a good j...

    but i dont think he'd want to do it at the house... because the balcony would be the best spot.. but i dont think he'd want to do it there...

    maybe on the boat??? but idk how he'd feel about that...

    any sugestions???

    what age would you say is apropriate to blaze with your parents?? my lil brother keeps asking me the same quesiton and my parents dont know he blazes.. and if they found out they'd blame me...

    he wants to as well... but hes barley 16 and although is real mature. idk how hed feel about it...
  2. dude, just wait till the right time comes. you'll know when.

    Lets say, just freely smoke yourself and if your dad comes in or out. Just ask him to see if he want to smoke.
  3. i blazed with lots of parents by 14.
    none were my own, but parents of my friends. i wouldn't say there is a right age, as long as he knows you do. just ask him one night when it's just you two.
  4. hmmm well i think we may be going skiing out west... just me and him... ima try and find some bud on the mtn.
  5. get some and bring it with you.
    wouldn't that suck to get there and be like "dad, wanna smoke?" and not find weed?
  6. made me rofl for some reason haha

  7. bring weed with me on a flight... possibly the worst advice given... on this forum
  8. sorry i didn't know you were flying. i thought maybe driving or something. road trip?
  9. oh. sorry thats understandable... yeah we're going outwest... idk... i wanna blaze with him... HOW DO YOU APROACH YOUR FATHER ABOUT IT... i dont know

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