Blazing as a kid?! parents?

Discussion in 'General' started by CitySmoker420, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. when you were a kid did your parents know? where they ok with it?
    i remember mine werent at first but thats cuz i had vids up and i had legal issues... but my dad was ight with it cuz he blazed on occasion and his friends did... what about u?
  2. My first joint was with my mom. Dad was also a hippie
  3. I wish my dad knew and was cool with it. However, he's the popo and I dono if tht'd go over too well.
  4. Well I live with the rents and im....younger you could say. They have found out now that i smoke it and they just dont want it to fuck me up and my schoolwork up but they know they cant do anything about it so they dont havr too much of a go. It all comes down to if they trust you to smoke in moderation and get on with your life as well as enjoying a good smoke. Be honest with them and try to explain that you like the whole culture behind weed and its a hobbie, not just a habbit.
  5. since 14 my mum had accepted it, my dad tends to keep out of it.
  6. parents found out when i was 16ish. they where pissed at first and tryed to send me to rehab. hahaha. until i broke the news that ive been smoking since i was 13 and theres no problem at all and i wasnt gonna stop no matter what. since then they just accepted it.
  7. I went a good... 5 years without my parents knowing. I came home from college for the weekend. Had to do an emergency hide of my piece as i was packing a bowl. Completely forgot it was just under my pillow when I went out for the night with some friends. Parents called me saying they found it. I get home, and my punishment was I had to smoke a bowl with them.

    Now I smoke with my parents constantly. It's pretty weird.
  8. that's exactly how my parents are. everyone is worried about talking to their parents about drugs, but it was the best decision i've made. my mom is anti-weed. not because of what it is, but simply bc it's illegal. but she also told me "there's a lot of things about you that i don't know about and that i don't NEED to know about, and i'm sure there's a lot of things about me that you don't know about and you don't need to know, so lets keep it like that." and my dad said that he didn't care as long as i don't smoke in the household [i moved out since then so that's obviously not an issue], and that it doesn't affect my schoolwork//college//life.
  9. I'm in my 40's now, but I was around 12 when I first smoked cannabis. I got caught twice as a teen by my parents, but they did not go too overboard. They know that I still smoke as an adult now, but they can't really complain since I have a great job, nice house, pay my taxes, etc.
  10. Yeeeaah man tats how i wanna be: 40, nice job, sweet house, maybe a family, and most iportantly, still packing bowls rofl.
  11. Yep plus a cute wife. Plus the grow rooms full of bud ;)

    Also, when you look clean cut and are grown up, cops call you 'Sir' most of the time.
  12. Sounds like you got the life going dude. Wish i was your son rofl wud poon that grow room :p:D. U are now my idol rofl. :)
  13. if you dont mind me asking what kind of job do you have?
  14. To be completely honest, im still at school so none at this time lol. But when i get my uni degree im gunna join the army on the business/admisitrative side of things. What about yourself?
  15. I manage IT infrastructure projects and support operations.
  16. Sweet man sounds good. U get paid well? i imagine you do. The job im looking at starts at 50k a year plus all living expenses payed. Minimum term is 3 years and theres no fighting or anything. So if i stay in-check for those years i will have savings and then be very employable because of uni degree and army qualifications. Looking forward to it lol but sitll have alot of school to go.
  17. moms was oaky just not in the house
  18. i smoke for like a year and a half before they found out, and they basically didnt care as long as i didnt fuck up my life over weed.
  19. they didn't for a while

    then they found out

    and where trippin for a while

    but not as much anymore
  20. My parents know I smoke hookah and they dont mind because I explained it to them but they dont know about the times I smoked cannibis. I dont smoke it that often so its not really a problem of my parents knowing or not.

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