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  1. I recommend only posting in or reading this thread if you're sufficiently baked :smoking:. This is kind of a spin off of the roast and post thread.

    Let's turn on some music... [ame=""]YouTube - 4. The Thrill - Wiz Khalifa (Burn After Rollin')[/ame]

    .... and post our brilliant high thoughts! Feel free to throw in a song so we can jam out while we read. I'll start off.

    What would the world be like if everyone was required to be high all day every day? You wake up and are required to take a vapor bag within 5 minutes. You wear bracelets that measure your high level and when they flash you are required by law to go to a "re-high" station.

    Just imagine what the world would look like once everyone got used to the high. In an optimistic way, of course. What would architecture look like? What would road signs look like? How crazy would cars be? Everything would be trippy. Would there be war, or would everybody truly live in peace?

    :bongin: :bongin: :bongin:
  2. oh shit! i had one of them merjigers but i forgot, im pretty high :smoking:
  3. The one I always drop on my friends when we sesh..."There's no such thing as distance, direction or moving. The Earth is a sphere. Spheres are made of infinite points. If you move 10ft to your left, you really didn't go anywhere as you have an infinite amount of room left to move."

    They always stop what they're doing and just stare for like 30 seconds. I love it.
  4. What if we lived underwater?
    I think that would be pretty cool :smoking:
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    Is everything we see just in our minds. Are we in this all alone and everyone and everything is just your a thought in your mind ?

    im twisted lmao
  6. what if tobacco was illegal, and marijuana was legal. Would the tobacco smokers have to go through the horrible sketchy deals, like we do for weed? Or would tobacco even be relevant at all, since weed would be such an available product? Would they start putting nicotine and all that toxins in marijuana, instead of tobacco?
  7. What if everyone is just a robot and i'm just some kind of alien test experiment just to see how i live my life while someone watches me 24/7
    i'm BAKED
  8. We are simply more complex organization of energy.
  9. Me and my bro always talk about this one. So everyone knows that we are made out of cells. Sooo what if earth and the galaxy or even the universe is just some cell that is part of a larger body?
  10. Seems possible. As humans we are organic environments, not so different from our planet just on a much smaller scale. It makes me think that our planet could likely be a conscious being far more advanced than ourselves.

  11. You mean like the universe and all that jazz is like one gargantuan sized cup of dippin dots.

    I think if more intelligent beings saw this planet they would be disgusted how a creature would actively destroy the habitat it lives on and they would obliterate earth with there super powerful nerf guns.

  12. Or they might get super impressed by all the flashy buildings and become our bffs forever?

    On a second note, what if we were genetically engineered from chimps by some Alien race who wanted to destroy our planet, and we are their 'weapon'?

    Or, what if us humans are the equivalent of a deadly cancer on earth?
  13. Well how can we know how not to act, without acting that way. This life thing is a process, a very very long process. And it didnt start when you were born, or when your dad was born, but at that very first instance of life, whenever that may have been. And from that we are all connected, intertwined by the begging point. From there we have advanced, learning through experience for billions of years. Slowly learning, we change and from this change new problems arise. So we set upon solving our new problems again inspiring further change. And this cycle has continued for as long as life as we know it.

    Humans being so complex have just as complex problems. And with our enormous population our problems are exponential. But it is important to inspire people to act for the good of humanity, rather than individual sucess. It is a tall order... Consiousness has made us forget many important things I'm sure but of course it has also allowed some of our greatest achievements. Humanity will be around for a lot longer than any one human so it seems obvious that our species betterment should be our main goal.
  14. OMG! so i like started thinking about that and what if we are just like little critters on a cell (the earth) and the wind is the larger body of cells moving and clouds are clothes we just cans ee correctly or something you know? Ahh im trippin balls!:smoking:
  15. sometimes, when i'm really baked, it feels like when im walking, that the earth is spinning underneath me, but my body itself stays in one spot
  16. this is a frequent thought of mine, i think what if our universe and our galaxy was just a small grain of sand burried deeply underground that no one has come in contact with, so basicly one day a thing or person of another universe will kick this grain of sand causing our universe to explode, maybe thats how this world will end.

    i also think that since humans only use a small portion of there brains, what happens when we discover how to use or whole brain, will we wake up from a dream in a random bed becoming someone else who had just dreamt the whole life you lived? haha im :smoking:

    and that just gave me the chills but thisn is stuff i usually think about when stonedd
  17. that would be the coolest thing ever. I have dreams like that actually. Im in the dream and its super real and then i wake up and its completely a different life. I wake up to the same life though
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    What if... this entire universe is the equivelent of a cell in our body.

    Where all these galaxies and burning hot stars are all that makes up a single cell in another complicated being much more sophisticated than we are. When we look at a cell, it's so small to us, yet we're able to play God and control it, even destroy it if we choose. To imagine this, take a single cell in your body, get a giant microscope, and see all the little twisty things that linger inside. What if there's a simplistic civilization in there? Or... what if all these cells are a civilization to them, but it's so simple. Ours seems so complex, but to the ones above us looking down think we're so simple.

    What if we're going through the same fate? What if there are trillions of universes out there, and everything within each universe happens for a reason. Just like how red blood cells will keep doing what they're doing no matter what. Humans keep doing what they do no matter what.

    What if everything in your life is supposed to happen by the laws of nature? Every thought, every movement, pain, happiness, everything has a purpose. But humans people wouldn't want to think that since it means you're not in control of your life. It just seems that way.

    Or.... what if this (what seems to be so fucking huge) being that we're apart of, had a thought, and we are that thought being played out. So imagine all the little things in your head that spark images and thoughts...actually created a completely new universe that's so small to us, but so giant to the smaller ones. We think everything is so fucking huge, but I think we're just really really small. Our importance here is as important as a single red blood cell in our body.

    Which is why I feel so bad for killing things, even an innocent ant.
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    Good stuff guys, very intriguing thoughts. It baffles me to think how small we really are. If the universe truly is infinite, we, as humans, have probably only discovered about .0000000001% of the universe. Really makes you think about what else is out there in the far corners of space.

    And you know what really blows my mind, is looking up at the stars and realizing that the light we see was emitted 95,000 years ago, and is just now reaching us. All this puts into perspective how young of a planet we are.

    Let's keep the soundtrack going! [ame=""]YouTube- #04. "FALLING" by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (The Assassination of Jesse James OST)[/ame]
  20. That's good to know. I thought, for a moment, that we would have to send you away to the loony bin.

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