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Blaze before school, fat ass crash 30 min into class.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Persian=<3Hash, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. What the fuck man?
    It's not even if its indica or sativa. Most of the time I got a hybrid (right now some purple kush but the clinic but i doubt its legit purple kush, ive had better, and i got 70/gram shiva crystals from another clinic, fucking legit 100% trichomes)... but ill blaze it maybe at 10:45. class at 11. and at 11:30-11:45 i start feeling a huge fucking crash and cant pay attention to my professor... maybe i get too stoned before class cuz what ive been doing lately is just blazing so much before class that my high lasts longer than an hour and i come down after class... i been blazing for almost 6 years now every single day. got my medical card 3 months ago and its the best 3 months of my life
  2. When you come wn, you get tired. Simple as that.
  3. every weed does it to me :[
  4. tolerance break?
  5. the solution to this is to eat an edible right before class--it takes 45 mins to an hr to set in, then you're good for a couple of hours...
  6. I have been the same...I have been blazing for quite a while also, and I have noticed that a little while after a blaze (after my initial peak) I will crash and be really tired and groggy for the rest of the day. I hate it, I am feeling very slow and groggy still from the two tmes I blazed earlier in the day.

    Anyone know anything to help the crash?
  7. Yeah, I hate this also. I can always smoke more / have a coffee and it sort of negates the effects but its still there in the background.

    That's why sometimes it's best just to smoke once a day (Get higher and can just crash after), instead of all day. Usually by the end of the day I'm just wasting weed and sort of getting high for 10-20 minutes only. Anyone know what I mean? It's like at the end of a big smoking day instead of actually feeling HIIIIIGH you just feel a bit dazed and out of it, groggy etc.

    Smoking once per day ftw.

    Tolerance FTL.
  8. yeah cuz u get all high and shit and then you come down, you only peak on your high once and then its a pleatue from there, there more you smoke the longer you will be stoned, not the more you will be stoned. i would say eat 3 firecrackers and smoke a bowl before school youll be great!
  9. yeah i always think things that come from medical dispensaries a never what they say :rolleyes:

    and 70 bucks a gram for shiva crystals? wtf? is the container made out of gold? the dispensary I go to has them for literally half the price
  10. For 70/gram you should just get some pure Colombian coke. That will solve your problems not staying high. ;)
  11. #11 barfdog17, Feb 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
    shit, even if you're not talking PURE coke, 70 will still get you nearly 3 grams of least from the people i know

    don't believe the hype over shiva crystals, just cause they have a fancy little card that comes with them, most hash if made properly will be just as good and cheaper
  12. haha really> 70 gets me about 2 grams of ok shit around here, nothin to write home about
  13. santa cruz ftw, lol
  14. how did you get your medical card and where do you live?
  15. yes, caffeine, in moderate amounts. it counteracts all of the tired feelings you get from the crash perfectly.
  16. I only smoke high quality cannabis. I just cant stand middies unless it's at a party and it's a big group joint. When I smoke alot, I always get tired. There's no way to completely stop it but what I try to do is drink a cup of coffee or tea before or while im blazing. It's amazingly good while high and I never fall asleep. Check it out man! :smoke:
  17. well have you been getting enough sleep? that could be your problem right there.
  18. ^that's a great point as well, and amusing that we all overlooked it

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