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  1. While the glorious myst rolls over the mountains
    Conscious minds are collaborating to settle change
    While the humbled owl releases its portentous hoos
    Love is seeping through the cracks to find its way home into the heart
    While the mystified infant finds the strength to take its first steps
    Multitudes of universes are pulled apart

    The time being is who we are
    Never truly far from a shooting star
    If all is time and time is not disconcerted
    Then we are only time breathing
    We may think that was then and this is now
    But in truth all is time, and time is tao

    Therefore, it is spoken that the butterfly which flaps its wings
    Is within the snarling army of the kings
    And not apart from the naturally originating beauty of springs
    Is within the unforseen wide expanse of space
    And not apart from any single place

    This logic precludes that you and i are swirling
    Hurling and curling
    Really whirling
    Our experiences twist, entwine, and interlace
    Tie a knot that cannot be undone
    For we are the midnight sun
    A remarkable love and one

    How deceptive the seeds of our perception is!
    Perpetuating a dualistic notion of reality
    Coiling the mind in complication, an entangled maze
    The greatest act of self-brutality!
    A perspective that lacks universality, totality
    How can we see clearly if all we see is finality?
    Where can harmony, affinity, tranquility lie in such a mess?
    Take the opportunity now to cleanse your door of apprehension
    Know the absolute to be like deep, profound space
    Appearances in truth are ineffable, no labels truly embrace
    Phenomena are entirely devoid of having truth to their name
    For they are transient, insubstantial, and deciduous
    Understand this. Move beyond the tendency of attachment
    For what is there in truth to be attached to?
    Watch the tides wash ashore your mind
    Where do thoughts come from, where do they stay, and where do they go to?
    Investigate this thought thoroughly
    For it is the validation to show ineffability
    A demonstration into the nature of reality
    The nature of your mind is inexhaustive openness blessed
    The ultimate place of rest

    Sit quietly alone and peer into yourself
    Ask the question "who am i?" gently
    Peel open the shell of you and investigate
    Whom is that who ascribes as 'i'?
    Ask the question "whom is that which experiences this?"
    Take minutes to come up with an answer
    Take hours if thats what it takes to realize who you are
    And finally collapse to realize the inexhaustibility of you
    A you cannot be found, a you is in truth ineffable
    Beyond being 'here', yet not very far from 'here' either
    Therefore meet liberation, it can never be apart
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    Blank has the capacity to hold all,

    yet Blank is no thing at all.

    Did "you" write this man? It's beautiful.

    I saw this so clearly in a conversation with a family member earlier today. The family member was so entrapped in his perceptions, his own value judgments, fears, doubts, anticipations... a whole mental matrix of perception. And all of this was restricting him from seeing the beauty that was right in front of him... and you could tell there was very little peace going on there.

    It seems when people lose sight of the BIG picture - that everything is already perfect. That this whole "life" experience is impermanent. Nothing lasts, including our lives. None of it inherently means anything except for in our thinking conceptual minds... then they stress the little things and lose the ability to truly relax and enjoy this impermanent transient (beautiful) experience.

    I wish that family member would awake to the true nature of reality... and how he is defining/creating all of those fears and perceptions and limitations and complications and stress. I wish he would stop getting so fearful and attached in his mental maze of distinction, judgement, etc etc. and be able to see things from a fresh perspective.

    Oh well, everything in its own time. He'll come around. I feel like if the teachings of wisdom teachings of all ages... Buddhism, Vedanta, Tao... all wisdom the wisdom teachings that point to the same reality - I feel like if these teachings were widely disseminated and understood, the world would be such a happier and more peaceful place. Because the people would be peaceful and less stress.

    To me the Tao te Ching is a perfect description of what aspects of life would look like if people possessed the knowledge and knowing/experience of their own true nature and the true nature of reality.

    Thanks for posting YEM.
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    if it was not for this nothingness of space no one would be able to write what has been written.

    -Tea Guru

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