Bladies, what body type do you prefer?

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  1. 1) Skinny and short
    2) Skinny and tall
    3) Ripped with abs and muscles
    4) Big and tall (not fat) that don't have abs
    5) Just average... (Neither skinny/big or short/tall)
    6) Fat 

  2. 2,3,4 and 5!
    An absolute preference would probably be 4 or MAYBE 3. Big maybe, depends on how ripped the person is.
  3. I like my women to be around 5'6" and like both skinny girls and girls with some curves (not fat, that's repulsive)
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    [deleted as I did not read, am not a bladie, and am not gay]
  5. 3,4,5.
    I dont obsess over it but I never imagine being with a super skinny guy or guy shorter than me (i'm 5'6") but if i happened to meet a guy i liked enough who was like that i can see me falling in love anyways lol. and as shallow as it sounds being really beyond just normaly-stocky fat, is a huge turnoff to me. fat just grosses me out in general. i'll be friends with fat people and everything, but fucking them is a whole diff that sounds mean but sorry
    anyways I eat healthy and workout/run so i sort of expect the same to some degree. besides it's my lifestyle...and sex would be a lot funner with 2 people who can both keep up stamina lol
  6. The kind without a penis.
  7. 4. Tall is my thing for sure, my boyfriend is 6'4 and I'm 5'5, and he's not fat but like you said, not ripped. Big chest, big arms, but no abs or anything. That's how I like it. 
  8. What about us hairy guys??????   ;)
  9. They like guys with big dicks and money. Mostly money.
  10. What about us guys that are exceedingly average height but with a good amount of bulk?
  11. A guy with a job, car and doesn't live with his parents.And preferably a musician...with tattoos.
  12. That is honestly me, 100%.  Complete with grow-room and recording studio in the basement of the house that I own.    I have a serious weakness for 420-friendly metal babes, wanna run off to Vegas and elope?  ;)
  13. So my question is what does it matter what some random chick on the internet prefers? You think youre getting some inside advice or something? This is not going to change anything.
  14. Oh stop being such a Debbie-Downer.
  15. Looks like someone hasn't toked yet. Or hasn't toked enough.
  16. 5. Average male , facial hair , beards or gtfo <3

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