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    Kind of redid my room a bit.

    With the lights on:
    The blue tape is a temporary thing.

    With the lights off:

    Closeup of one photo:
    The Circle of Life

    And last but not least:
    Hakuna Matata :)

    There's a reason Mufasa is my avatar. Until Simba ran away, Mufasa (and presumably all of tye pride) was living the life that teenager Simba learned to appreciate.

    The big poster is from Alice In Wonderland, which symbolizes my former identity crises, and reminds me of who I am. The duality of Alice and the white rabbit speak volumes to me.

    I also have a small painting to the right of this picture that my friend made for me but I kept it in the dark because it's a darker portrayal of me which I'd like to acknowledge, but not when I'm chilling in a peacful environment, na'mean? :smoke:

    Edit: The LK photos are still visible with the overhead light off, even if my phone's camera couldn't catch that fact :p
  2. I dig it, man
  3. Thanks :) It's only half the room and a definite work in progress, but I like where it is now compared to where it was.
  4. with all do respect.
    What holiday are you awaiting? The season is over.
  5. Very nice :)
  6. If you like it so do i
  7. Holiday? I could understand your confusion if the lights were red and green, but if you take a closer look, they are actually (in order: ) red, orange, (darker) yellow, blue, and green.

    (Hopefully) Displacing your confusion, what is your opinion?
  8. not my style. They look like Christmas lights. But its your room, do as you wish. All the posters seem to dig it lol.

    don't mean to be "That guy"
  9. Not at all man, I appreciate the honesty. I wouldn't have asked if I wanted everyone to tell me it was awesome. I know I like it, I just want to hear the general consensus, as well as share some small handiwork :p
  10. That bed looks fucking comfy.
  11. I think it's pretty groovy. It reminds me a little bit of my friends room. What he did was take all the furniture out, painted it black, then went in with a couple other people, everyone in hazmat suits with huge ass paint brushes, and just splattered glow-in-the-dark paint all over the walls. it looks pretty cool now, I wish I had pictures.
  12. Oh dude it's so comfy, when I'm able to sleep, I'm so rested

    :laughing: Sounds weird

    That's fucking awesome. I don't have the ability to do that due to leasing restrictions, but I do plan on getting blacklights and glow in the dark things! :smoke:
  13. I really like it. The lights add a nice touch.
  14. Thanks :) It would probably be pretty depressinflg without them :laughing:
  15. Seems like a good room to get high in.
  16. That's a given :laughing:
  17. yo ive had xmas lights in my room for years. except i have the white ones. just makes it more peaceful i feel. and as underhoneymoon says its dope to smoke in
  18. Your name works well with your description. :smoke: How do the ladies like it?
  19. Whatever makes you feel good man.

    My sister has pink lights in her room, so it's pretty cool i guess.

    Idl about all the tape on the wall though.. that's a lot of tape :p
  20. Lmao what isnt?

    PS: I like it OP. The room is about as plain as mine is, I personally am a minimalist so I like it that way, but if you wanted to give it some flair, you succeeded. I read the circle of life thing btw, the first 2 stanzas of the poem flowed magically man

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