Blades, what are you getting your significant other for Christmas?

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  1. I've been thinking long and hard about this. At first, I was obviously considering a piece of jewelry but I felt like it was too cliche. I wanted to buy something that showed her I knew her better than that. And I wanted it to kind of relate to our relationship (if that makes any sense).

    We first met during the summer and spent the summer together out on the lake in my boat. I taught her how to water ski and she was always freezing cold when she got out of the water. So I figured I would buy her some Ragz.


    They're actually quite popular with water skiers. They keep you nice and warm, they're soft as fuck, and super comfortable.
  2. Probably a game of thrones replica sword. Because he will explode with nerdy pleasure and it will be awesome. He would freak out about any sword but loves the books/show. We've bonded over it haha
  3. A nerf gun (long story behind that one) and a drug rug cause he always says he likes mine and wants one so I figure why not get him one
  4. I have no fucking clue. I am at a loss.

  5. me too. what should i get for my mom blades?
  6. I'm getting my girl a laptop. Her's is about 4-5 years old and just isn't cutting it anymore.

    My girlfriends birthday is Jan 31st. So I'm giving her a kinda joint christmas/birthday gift. I'll get her some other small things too, but the majority of her christmas/birthday gifts is going to be a laptop.
    Not going too crazy on the laptop, looking to spend around 400-500 dollars
  7. Nothing...they won't let me buy anything.

    My family however...seems like everything.

    I still might try to sneak something...:devious:

    ...but I fear it will be unsuccessful. :laughing:
  8. This super cool flask I caught my boyfriend diggin' on a while back.

    I'm also buying him a poster of an exploding Tardis because he is a Dr. Who super nerd.
  9. I'm going to jail and breaking her heart <3

    Fuck this christmas :(
  10. Probably nothing big.....

    I just bought him a video game and we just moved.... so he'll probably get to do anal and that's it. :p
  11. so far i've orderded my boyfriend a chicago bears toque and scarf. he knows he's getting them cuz i can never keep my mouth shut when i have surprises, haha. he asked if he could have them before christmas (or just the toque at least) cuz he works outside and i said yes cuz he was excited but now i don't wanna give them to him until christmas.. so every day he asks if his stuff has come and every day i say no. i may just give up the charade and hand them over this weekend.

    other than those things, prolly not a whole lot else.. i'll bake him a pan of nanaimo bars and fill his stocking as well.
  12. back of my hand
  13. Well, I don't have a sig. other, just a FB, and... last month he bought me concert tickets to the WTT tour with Jay-Z & Kanye West. I was gonna buy that new Call of Duty game that came out but he already has it, so... I'll get him an iPad.
  14. Helix swirling pipe, one of our friends has one and it's fucking sick, my boyfriend loves it and I was going to get him a bong with the Grateful Dead bears on in (half due to an inside joke, half because it's the fucking Grateful Dead lol) but he said he'd rather choose the first option.
  15. Wow that's expensive.
  16. ive only been going out with her for 2 months so i have absolutley NO idea, any suggestions blades??:confused::confused_2::confused_2:

  17. Yeah, but he's worth it :)
  18. well I'd post it here, but she knows my GC and would find out XD

  19. scratch off tickets. A card. A mini stuffed animal.

    i got my girl scratch off tickets for her birthday.
    i think she really loved the idea i was trying to make her rich :)
  20. i had only been with my boyfriend about three months by the time christmas rolled around last year and i got him a magazine subscription, a new writing book and a couple of shirts.
    buying gifts is difficult enough, but even tougher if you've only been together a short period of time (what to get, what's a reasonable amount of money to spend, etc.).. keeping a budget in mind (if you have one) i'd just play off her interests.. if she's into makeup and stuff, get a MAC gift card.. likes theatre ? go for tickets to a play. another good idea is to get a stocking and just fill it up with stuff.. stockings are one of my favourites to do.

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