Blades, i need your help

Discussion in 'General' started by shit strain, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. first off, why are we called blades?
    anyways, i just cant excape anymore.the feelings i get, are still there when i smoke, or drink. i cant get this shit out of my head. depression, anxiety. i even feel RESTLESS whenm im high now adays. my home life is falling apart cause of me. i think i even made my mom start drinking. im fucking up in school casue if i take my ear buds out of my ear my mind returns to how shity i feel and how miserable i am.

    i cant talk to anybody about it, i cant explain why, i just cant. i cant take life anymore, feeling like theres nothing to it. i feel shitty day in and day out. i mean im piss drunk now and the only reason im drinking is cause i cant smoke and i needed to escape...

    i cant play guitar, cause i get lost in though, and all i think about is how i wish i were somewhere else in a different time, or how i just want to be like everyone else.

    idk what im even asking for to be honest... if your reading this, thanks for giving a shit. i guess i just needed somewhere to vent how i feel right now...
  2. Called blades cause of blades of grass tldr the rest
  3. i would suggest seeing a professional about this stuff.

  4. cant even
  5. Find a new outlet, something that will provide an adrenaline rush.
  6. maybe a school counselor. Just don't kill yourself.

  7. Don't stress yourself so much men. There are always positives, so look for them. Wake up and have some breakfast and enjoy the shit out of it, feel alive and happy. Go to youtube and watch some funny videos of anything that would make you laugh. Talk to your mom just sit down and talk to her and cry with her if needed. Start a new beginning, if you can wake up then you sure can do that any day when you feel like it!

    Hope it helps man! Stay positive we are all unique and are all in different situations, we all have problems but shit what would life be with out them so look for ways to hurdle them.

  8. thanks man, yea, the part i bolded is so true. i kind of force that thought of problems and getting past them into my head as motivation alot.

    i mean ive thought about that shit, and it makes me feel selfish, and then i just feel worse.

    ps i dont care for porn, real life beats the shit out of that
  9. I'm tellin you OP, high adrenaline activities.

  10. lol your right, went long boarding recently, funnest shit in a long time. fishtailing on a 3 foot block of wood going 30 mph? it was great
  11. Hey! a fellow longboarder! Kick ass!
    Wait... 3 foot? That's pretty short for a "longboard".

  12. how ever long a long board is lol 4' idk???
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    That's a mini cruiser , Santa Cruz and penny make those . There sweet I have a stereo vinyl , shits fun

    Edit: no it isn't my bad high and read height wrong
  14. 4 foot is about what mine is, well.. mines a bit longer.
    I guess it's still technically a longboard if its 3 feet.. I don't know, I wouldn't ride one any shorter then what I have now. What kind of board is yours?
  15. A mini cruizer is alot shorter then 4 feet.
  16. Just edited my post as you said that xD

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