Blades I need your help.

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  1. Alright so my girlfriend just texted me:
    "Good. Are you sure you don't want anything else tomorrow? Tell me everything you wish to happen, and I'll make it happen."

    Okay so guys. ANYTHING. Discuss.
  2. You dont really need help with this one, im sure you have this sorted. ;)
  3. Ask for a sandwich, a blowjob, silence, and infinite days like that haha.
  4. lol, tell her to paint your house, or something else completely unsexual but very laborious and boring
  5. Thats a very good point, i didnt think of that. Op dont the car need a wash too.

  6. just the answer id expect from someone with the username kind of dudes lmao
  7. Tell her you guys are going to film a 12-hour scat session, and see what she does.
  8. tell her to buy you a new car, and make her not wear any clothing the entire day
  9. just tell her to start running around your block non stop til it gets dark
  10. snuff film.
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    You should tell her what's in your heart. Something along the lines of "I wish.... That we can stay together for as long as we can but when it comes to an end, promise that you wont lose me as a friend because losing you is what I fear the most" Make sure you tell her that in the kitchen so she wouldn't waste time with your sandwich.
  12. tell her you want a blunt rolled, lit, and in your mouth when you wake up

    also have her shave your asshole
  13. Put it in her butt
  14. omg this thread deserves an award for best consecutive giggle worth comments

  15. Ah, you got me! I went from big smile to instant frown. :p
  16. I'm forced to agree with the butt thing.
  17. Just combine some of these suggestions OP. Do the whole butt thing, after she rolled a blunt for you to puff while you're going at it, and have a sandwich waiting in the wing for the recovery period. Then a blowjob while you play some video games, and a massage at the end of it all. Then silence so you can actually catch some Zs. Sounds like a good ass night. Lol.
  18. This. :hello:
  19. wow. shes like a genie with unlimited wishes...

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