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  1. Is there a blades creed? I remember recently there was a post about what makes you a blade and someone replied that we are all blades automatically. So if we are all blades, what is our creed? What motto do we live by? We need something official, i don't have any ideas but i'm sure we'll come up with something! (Sorry if there is one already, couldn't find anything)
  2. ummm...

    "Stay High" ?
  3. I would be intrested on a blades creed too.
  4. how about blades commandments?

    1.Thout shalt smoke cannabis
    2.thou shalt respect one another
    3.thou shalt toke it easy

    i dont know im alittle high right now.
  5. I like the commandments idea too... This could be fun :D
  6. The Ten Commandments of Grasscity

    1. Thou shalt enjoy Cannabis
    2. Thou shalt respect fellow members
    3. Thou shalt always pass to the left
    4. Thou shalt avoid flaming
    5. Thou shalt give staff respect, and respect their wisdom
    6. Thou shalt be a legal adult
    7. Thou shalt always remember to post in the correct forum
    8. Thou shalt not spill the bong. (spaz)
    9. Thou shalt not break rotation (spaz)
    10. Thou shalt always corner the bowl
    anyone have any good ideas for the last
  7. What about...

    "Hey, hey, hey... Smoke weed everyday." LoL
  8. Haha another one:

    Thou shall not spill the bong.

    Thou shall not break rotation.

    2 most important ones, IMO!:D
  9. O yea, very big ones..but I got the 10 now.

    Thou shall always corner the bowl. hahah
  10. alright so we got the blade commandments.. now lets just get a stone and we'll be set!
  11. what about

    thou shall not bogart the herb

    thou shall not park it
  12. My signature is as good a creed as any.
  13. Actualy, my favourite commandmend is number 13: Thou shall puff twice and pass, no more no less.

    Tbh I like verse 1-69 of jhons book of holy spices: And he did take from his bag, an ounce of weed, from whence he began to pick the seeds and stems. Following a period of a few mins he did begin to mix the weed and the tabaco, and from this mixing did he now have his joint mix ready. After those having acheived perfect joint mix, did he pull a paper from his zig-zag packet and begin to roll. And he did call "LET THERE BE A JOINT!!!" and there before our eyes, like magic, did appear a joint. And we did toke and puff and get high as fuck, and thus he did show that he is indeed the best.

    But there are other verses which are just as good :D. But I live with the motto: "You either got hash or you don't. If you don't have it, get it, and if you've got, smoke it!!"
  14. Here's what I thought this topic was going to be about:



  15. OMFG I had a bit of a thought like that :p. +rep man.
  16. Thou shalt never snitch on another blade.
  17. Thou Shalt remember: Everybody is Equal

    It dosen't matter if a crack addict who makes $4/week is passing a joint to bill gates, everybody is equal.
  18. This is my bowl, there are many like it but this one is mine,
    My bowl is my friend, it is my life. I must master it as i must master my life
    without me my bowl is useless, without my bowl, I am useless.
    i must roast my bowl true, i must smoke more than my enemy who is trying to arrest me.
    before weed i swear this creed, my bowl and myself are the defenders of my country,
    we are the masters of our enemy, we are the saviors of my life,
    so be it, until we are victorious and there is no enemy, but freedom.


    I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the positive effects of marijuana, mental and physical; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will disobey the orders of the law of the United States and the orders of the officers ordered to uphold those laws, and continue to use marijuana until the day my life ends.

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